Saturday , January 16 2021

Why do you see when the stars fall into your head? .. Site Answers

The brain injury is always associated with any head, the part of the brain that we see as the "ocular lobule" in the back of the head.

The function of the Wolf is to get information from the retina and be logical, so you should know that this object in front of you is a fist facing your face. The retina takes on an impressive light and transforms it into a chemical signal. Before you return to your mind according to a report "sciencefocus".

What are the stars you see after knocking your head?

The stars you see are partly the neurons of the visual cortex. When this happens, the oxygen level suddenly changes, because it stops quickly or your brain strikes a sharp stroke or blood vessels within the bloodstream or the presence of outer capillaries.

The closest neonatal capillaries are affected as soon as possible, and if that occurs rapidly enough, they release the pain before the neighboring neurons, and the brain creates simple signals that your brains interpret lightly.

Why do we see the stars fall on their heads?

You are not seeing all the stars in your mind. That's a good reason. When your head collides with a desk, the head suddenly stops, but the mind continues to move, but the brain is surrounded by a fluid. Head and soccer take place immediately without injury to the brain.

The fluid leakage system protects the brain; So when you fall on the ground in the back of your head, the wolf will fall and throw the skull.

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