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5 Caunas serious infections Causing headache

Not only lie, meningococo waves are also traveling to Lithuania. Lightning-fast deadly infection, five children were only rescued by medical Kaunas this season.

One of them – four boys – was in a state of distress and Prien hurried to hurry. Fortunately, his life was saved. However, doctors have said some rescued children are very expensive.

A four-year-old mother-in-law, Spearhead says, can not believe what happened. He came to the Clinical Hospital in Kaunas on Monday afternoon, with a baby ambulance, a dreadful diagnosis of meningocular disease.

The woman says that the extreme temperature is very high at the end of the weekend, the child was horrible.

Mom tells us that her child was no longer out of bed: "39.6 – the temperature was very high, the sun was overnight, and then the babies could not go to the cup. It did not bend the spine and bones, for example locks. "

Reasons have been realized

These are signs, such as fever, headache, coldness and stiff neck stiffness. Early signs of meningococcal infections.

So in the morning, his mother called the doctor and ordered to go to the hospital at Prienai; Mother noticed the first ashes of her baby's body.

The patient's mother continues to say, "Mercy is pretty clear, and the Clinical Hospital of Kaunas says – thank God help us and save our baby from the Hospital of the Kaunas Clinic."

In the Hospital Acceptance section, the baby's skin, chest and abdomen were very rugged, slow and sad. The boy immediately began to accelerate, the drug was injected and a large group of doctors was given.

He has also identified meningitis

Darius Varaškevičius, the Directorate General for Children's Adoption, tells us about the symptoms that children admit:

"Immediately the child started complaining that he was taking a headache and there were insecure creators that were already isolated. Arrived when the child was noisy, it was a serious condition and when the treatment started, everything became stabilized, it was normalized … Initially, the pressure was lowered It was done and everything was resolved. Nupunktavom is also a meningitis.

There were no major changes to the eye changes. We continue the treatment and look for a crop response. His situation is well, the hearing is not mixed, that is, last time, we have some cases of deafness. "

After almost the day of reaction, a boy from his mother went to the department. Illness stops, complications are missing.

Doctors are waiting for the results of the investigation and decide to continue the treatment.

Only five children in four clinical hospitals, only in this season have been saved in Kaunas, and some have had painful consequences.

According to doctors, it is necessary to approach hospitals to keep the baby still slow due to the low temperature of the child and not after the eruption disappeared.

I had to amputate my fingers

Responsible for the Child Care Department D. Varaškevičius reminds the need to control the well-being of children. "In other infections, when the temperature drops, the child feels better, becomes more active, eats and tries to behave in the same way.

In this case, the child was lying down, thinking about mental pain, dancing and temperature in her condition. "

At Kaunas clinic, another child was treated for lightning meningococcal infections. It was brought from Marijampolė. She saved her two-year-old baby, but had to numb some fingers. Meningococcal infection is dangerous for people of all ages, but it is common among children under 5 years of age.

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