Wednesday , September 22 2021

D. Green's J. Valančiūnas was shown a yellow card after 12 minutes for slicing down an opponent.

In the final seconds, press the ball Danny Green He won the Toronto Raptors (14/4) victory.

Nicko Nurse students to guests 93:91 (29:17, 18:20, 26:38, 20:16) beat Orlando Magic (9/9) basketball player.

Jonas Valanciunas The trainer's anger and played 21 minutes. He scored 8 points (4/6 tons, 0/2 trit.), Recovered 6 and scored 2 balls, multiplied a mistake three times and broke them four times.

From the Orlando team Evan Fournier. He scored 27 points throughout the match, scored 22 in the second half and scored the same score in 2.3 seconds.

Then, Raptors took a ball and took a ball and D.Greenas won two points.

This is the Magic Tripled series, and Raptors won the second time in a row.

Toronto basketball players got 18 points in the first game. However, most of the match strike strike.

Especially in attack, Magic fourth quarter, four minutes later, are thrown out of 11 games, and Raptors scored 5 points, D.Greenas and J.Valančiūnas.

Raptors: Kawhi Leonard 18, Pascalis Siakam 15 (9 bounces), Serge Ibaka 14 (9 bounces), Danny Green 13, Kyle Lowry 9, Jonas Valanciunas and Lorenzo Brown 8.

Magic: Evan Fournier 27, Aaron Gordon 16 (9 years ago), Nikola Vučevičius 14 (18 years ago), Jonathan Isaac 9.

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