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Diego Maradona’s legacy: hotel, villas, cars, but the greatest wealth that has not yet come Sports


According to the American site, Maradona is one of the most lucrative footballers of his time.

The Argentine, who shone in the Argentine national team and at the Napoli club between 1980 and 1990, earned approximately 500 million. dollars (420 million euros) – that amount he earned as a football player and coach and advertised various assets.

But by wasting wealth and allowing himself to live intensely, he always held on to the left.

“I don’t think he saw an imbalance between money and left-wing policies,” explains Simon Chawick, a sports marketing specialist at the University of Lyon. “According to his concept, he saw himself as two people: Diego, a child in the huts of Buenos Aires, and Maradon, as a world-famous footballer.”

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Until the end of his life, Maradona had a contract with the German sportswear company Puma, except for a brief collaboration with the Japanese Mizuno when he returned to Boca Juniors in 1995.

In 1982, when it came time to pay more and more money to football stars, he gave his shirt to a young fan for a bottle of Coca Cola. Then Hublot invited Konami (computer games, EA (FIFA)) watch dealer. Football schools are sticking their name on the door in China. Maradona also had business in Cuba with the dictator of the time, his friend Fidel. Castro.

Most of the money was melted down, but investment and real estate remained: a factory in Venezuela, a hotel in Havana, several apartments and flats in Buenos Aires, 300 miles away. value jewelry received on arrival in Belarus.

He still earned 300 miles in luxury cars in Argentina and Dubai, where he worked as a coach. Rolls Royce value and 145 miles. BMW dollar value.

It is estimated that about 75 million remain. the value of the property, as well as the advertising contracts that her relatives will now take care of: her ex-wife has two daughters, three other recognized children and at least three other unrecognized people living in Cuba.

According to family sources close to the AFP news agency, the split could turn into a “tough fight”.

Italian tax authorities are still demanding $ 35 million. The taxes of these seven offensive seasons in Naples (1984-1991) and should therefore follow the distribution of wealth.

D. The legend of Maradona will have no limits like material wealth.

An image that has more than one house or car should bring economic benefits to those who run its brand.

“After his death, the vision of a man who was a very talented footballer would be reinforced by wearing shorts and wearing dark curls. Everyone wants to highlight these traits and try to cover up the bad moments in life,” announced Alexandre Juillard, Argentina’s special correspondent for L’Equipe Argentina , In 2010. The author of a biography of D. Maradona was published in 2016, and also translated the legendary footballer about the victory of the Argentine national team in the 1986 World Cup (“My Truth”, 2016).

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The shoes of his name, which began to be produced with the help of advertising by Puma Eusebio and Pele, but became popular in the time of D. Maradona, will be remembered, as well as the old Boca Juniors shirt or the legendary Napoli outfit marked with the number 10.

But Maradona will remain something else: the favorite symbol of the poor in Latin America, the man they had for him, who spoke loudly about the mistakes of the rich.

“People on the streets of Argentina will have a long-standing feeling,” Juillard said.

The image of the legend of Argentine football is not the image of Che Guevara, a famous revolutionary born in the same country, who became the leader of other party members in Cuba and Latin America.

Marketing specialist Simon Chadwick would add 1960s American rock star Jim Morrison to the company: “We still make money from Che Guevara and Jim Morrison, even though they died a long time ago (1967 and 1971). As in their case, Maradona’s name will have economic value in terms of its name, image, and words.

The key question remains whether his asset managers will allow him and others to earn in that way. ”

The answer may take some time. Maradona did not talk about it in his life and did not leave a deadly will.

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