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German national team fiasco: lost 0: 6 and did not reach the finals of the League of Nations


Sevilla’s subplot didn’t breathe at all – Joachim Lowo’s students lost 0: 6 against Spain (0: 3) and had the biggest difference in the last 89 years.

The last time the Germans lost to the Austrian national team in Berlin in 1931 was 0: 6.

Die Manschaft, led by Low Mans, suffered its biggest defeat in 189 games. There is no doubt that the legendary coach’s chair will be full of ups and downs after this horrific performance.

“It was a terribly black day. No one was working. Concentrated bodies with no energy. Nothing worked, neither defense nor attack. I wouldn’t separate the team. After the first goal we forgot our plan, the holes in the defense opened up. Spain is great in football, we didn’t have a chance, ”Lowo said, disappointed after the defeat.

At the same time, it was one of the most significant victories in the history of Spanish football.

Ferran Torres scored three goals for the winners, followed by Alvaro Morata, Rodri, Mikelis Oyarzabalas.

The victory of the Spanish national team opened the door to the semi-final of the UEFA League, where all the winners of the A Division teams will advance.

Spain 6 – 0 Germany

17 ‘ [1 – 0] Alvaro Morata
33 ‘ [2 – 0] Ferranas Torresak
38 ‘ [3 – 0] Rodri
55 ‘ [4 – 0] Ferranas Torresak
71 ‘ [5 – 0] Ferranas Torresak
89 ‘ [6 – 0] Mikelis Oyarzabalas

The next match of the 4th Division A was not due to 4 new cases of coronavirus of the Ukrainian national team – it was decided to postpone the duel between the National Team and the Swiss National Team in Lucerne. The occurrence of COVID-19 was reported by the Ukrainian Football Federation when the entire Ukrainian national team was isolated in Lucerne.

The match was in doubt on Monday, when the test of three Ukrainian players was positive. It is not yet clear when it will be played. The Ukrainian national team must have a mandatory number of players (13) and will probably invite youth representatives from its national team to come to Switzerland.

The last games of the team have a high price – depending on the result, both teams can fall to the bottom of the League of Nations.

Both Division 3 Group A matches were a great success. The French, who had already secured a place in the tournament final, beat Sweden 4: 2 at home. The Swedes who finished last in the set automatically fall to the bottom level.

Victor Claesson put the Swedes ahead at the Saint-Denis stadium in Paris early in the match, but two goals from Olivier Giroud and another from Benjamin Pavard returned. By the end of the duel, both teams were still exchanging goals.

4 ‘ [0 – 1] Victor Claesson
16 ‘ [1 – 1] Olivier Giroud
36 ‘ [2 – 1] Benjamin Surname
59 ‘ [3 – 1] Olivier Giroud
88 ‘ [3 – 2] Robin Quaison
90 + 5 ‘ [4 – 2] Kingsley Comanas

The Croatian national team showed its character when the rest of the player was against the Portuguese national team and lost 2: 3. The effort paid off: with a better goal ratio than the Swedes, the Croatians took the last third place and avoided relegation.

29 ‘ [1 – 0] Mateo Kovačičius
52 ‘ [1 – 1] Rubenas Diasas
60 ‘ [1 – 2] Joao Felixas
65 ‘ [2 – 2] Kovačičius
90 ‘ [2 – 3] Matthew Rubenas Diasas

UEFA League of Nations

Group A Group 3

Croatia 2 – 3 Portugal

France 4 – 2 Sweden

Division A, Group 4

Spain 6 – 0 Germany

Switzerland – Ukraine (delayed)

C Division 1 Group

Luxembourg 0 – 0 Azerbaijan

Montenegro 4 – 0 Cyprus

Division D Group 1

Malta 1 – 1 Faroe Islands

Andorra 0 – 5 Latvia

Division D Group 2

Gibraltar 1 – 1 Liechtenstein

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