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In spring, motorcycles leave the street, but cars that are in winter also appear

The drivers who change their exclusive cars during the winter of Lithuania do not see clear days. Approximately a dozen of these models will be exhibited at Litexpo Lithuania from 10 to 11 May at Auto Bazar 2019.

Exclusive models will be presented by both clubs: "" and "Tuning Team" during the event "tuning". The first is Lithuania attitude Small-style clubs with large, large edges and small details with simple origins. The second is the opposite, with single-piece cars with powerful sound systems.

It is only used in summer

The JDM (Japanese internal market) suggests that there should be many Japanese models in this exhibition. It was the original idea of ​​the club, and later it became much wider when driving cars designed in Japan.

Auto Bazar 2019 Club will present the car showcase of Spanish, Italian, Japanese and German cars: SEAT Leon, Fiat 126p, Toyota Carina E and Mazda MX-5. Miata, Volkswagen Golf and others. All of us are exclusive, very modified, and attracts pedestrian care.

For example, along with other positions, Karolis Dusevičius & Nissan 200SX (S14A) will be. 1999. Model created by Carol over two years ago. Already, there were no standards for cars, and now there are more details about general traffic.

The first one is sound. Nissan exhaust channel diameter 76mm apart. The car's engine has changed and 200 kW of power is replaced by 200. wheels This Nissan is better than the standard brake – front and rear Nissan Skyline R33 GTR brake system.

Green 200SX is unusually low and well-managed – Apex adjustable shock absorbers, Whiteline stabilizers, adjustable and polyurethane sleeves.

Work Emotion T7R 18-inch diameter and external exterior of 9.5-inch channels, with only 200 SX for Japanese market (bumpers, sleeves, etc.), and sharp audiences will see full moon splendors. 608 LED bulbs are programmable, so unlocked car lamp also displays a label or drawing.

The Nissan body is in perfect condition. It's not easy to keep Lithuania, so Carol does not use the car in winter.

Technical changes – fewer changes

The Tuning team is completely different from the philosophy of changing automobiles. Their cars attract less attention and a similar tuning style has become popular over the past few decades with the first "Fast and Furious" series.

The Auto Bazaar 2019 will be available in 1993. Created by BMW in 2001 Audi A5 Cabrio, 2006 Opel Astra GTC and other non-standard models. Each owner is very expensive and the duration of the changes is unlimited.

Vitaly BMW 525 protects even more color in the winter – only in the hot season. The car's body is completely unique; It has black gold motifs and the engine is crisp. The motifs of these colors are visible in the interior and interior; The car roof material is black, a part yellow.

BMW luggage and doors have many speakers; These mounting points are manually designed and manufactured. All of them are controlled by some audio amplifiers, and the power of the subwoofer is only 1 kW. Very good home theater systems are not so strong.

Previously, BMW also had the so-called "lambo doors": the upper door. However, as Vitaly himself said, these changes were rejected due to technical problems.

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