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Naglis Puteikis says the center's discipline has been reinstated, but the rebels do not release their hands


"These four people have been dismissed, they have lost all their powers and, in general, the party has been suspended," he said.

According to him, colleagues' decisions were taken in full Saturday. Two thirds of the Council members attended the meeting.

"The Public Action against the Party, the Parties' Meeting Decisions", N. Puteikis explained the arguments for dissolving people.

"In order, we have regained discipline," he added later.

Photo by Julius Kalinskas / 15min / Bunny Puteikis

Photo by Julius Kalinskas / 15min / Bunny Puteikis

The center party, as Pututis has said, has chosen another.

"The Chairman of the Board has already been selected at the last meeting. He is a former member of Seimas, Virginijus Šmigelskas, founder of Center Party. Other members are Professor Albinas Stankus, Rūta Andriuškevičienė, Artūras Tamkutonis. Fifth – Vincent Vaitkus, – taught his politics.

L.Radzevičiūtės Party member paused Earlier – N. Putei's competitors were asked to help Mindaugas Puidoka as president of Seimas, and became the head of the election.

L.Radzevičiūtė was not on Saturday 15min He said that he was a member of the party and that he was automatically absent from the board.

Naglis Puteikis shows that he tends to deceive people.

"No one is for me to be removed," he said. – Naglis Puteiki, the regular show, a public fashionable show.

L.Radzevičiūtė claimed that no action would be taken on the parties' decisions. And asking him to see him in the middle of the future, "Let's say, let's see." The Alytus Country Department accepts me. I'm elected to the Alytus City Council. Many are ready to join. Let's see, see how the situation continues. "

He said he was waiting for the prosecution's decision.

A. Šimkus received a criticism from the Center Party President for his Vytautas Grubliauskas team at the Municipal Council of Klaipeda City Hall, with no party recognition.

15min A. Šimkus stated that the party that decided to work outside the opposition in cooperation with Klaipeda party.

Considering the decisions taken by the party on Saturday, the politician assured him that no one could abolish it according to the law.

"This procedure of the Board is not removed, only available for removal. Suspended members may participate in all the events that the parties may vote for," said A. Šimkus.

He claimed that N.Puteikis party was self-administered.

"If people say their opinion and stop the party's participation, do you think it's a democratic act?" He asked him.

A. Šimkus believes that his future was with the Center Party, but not with N. Puteikis.

"He will show the election," he said.

According to A. Šimkus, the European Parliament (EP), the former Liberal Movement Antanas Guoga, along with the Center Party, and President Puteikis will take on other behaviors.

This week, President Šimkus, President of the Lithuanian Party Commission, has announced that the Commission has been appointed member of the Center for the Seimas, N.Putteikis, as its member. He is also the President of the Party, written by BNS.

Photo: A.Simkus / Facebook / Naglis Puteikis, Alvidas Šimkus

Photo: A.Simkus / Facebook / Naglis Puteikis, Alvidas Šimkus

Puttei's member, as reported in the report, was "paralyzed" in the media for false false reports, insulting other parties and public insult.

According to A. Šimkus, the president of the party carried out documents of the congress of parties on March 12. That's why he went to the prosecutor's office.

N. Puteikis assured him that A.Simkus was no longer a president of the party's party since March. Politicians also claimed that the parties, with the availability of their members' data, were removed more than a third of the members of the Central Party, that is, more than a thousand.

As a result, N.Puteikis ordered the prosecution and the Ministry of Justice to contact.

A. Šimkus confirmed that members of the BNS Group had removed some members from the center. He said he was forced, because he did not ask for the party or the quiz.

In March, the Center Party ordered 3908 members. On Saturday, 15min N.Puteikis had 2700 members in the party.

"We will call the Justice Ministry to recover a member, A. Šimkus was no longer the chairman of the committee and had no rulers," said the party of the center's party in an attempt to recover partners from the party.

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