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Other impressions: Samsung Galaxy Fold is a time to call failure


At the hands of senior journalists (including Mark Bloman, Bloomberg Technology), their hands were almost immediately broken, so Samsung broke the test series and triggered an emergency brake.

Nobody argues that the situation in Samsung Electronics Co is a true nightmare. But is it a failure?

To find out, Samuel West, a clinical psychologist at Helsingborg (Sweden), is a PhD in Organizational Psychology. His research focuses on how to develop a business innovation culture, but is the main creator of the Museum's failure: I am referring to a collection of 130 product groups about a passenger, who each tells us about corporate pride, usually ridiculous. In summary, we discussed the debugging problems for the first time, and once again Samsung announced its unlimited release of the phone.

Galaxy Fold wanted to know (and even more) something that would be included in his collection, and what Samsung could have had.

When you first read the Samsung Galaxy Fold report, do you feel excited?

Of course, as a curator of the Museum of Failures, I want to build as many objects as possible. But I do not do any or all of the other objects. I did not miss

That's why you're not happy with this story?

Some such pain really. Samsung is not a small family business: "We've created a really amazing technology, but we're just a small team. We're very happy to release it, but it's all the way to the dog." It's a big business. I do not think of "unsuccessful" to achieve the most expensive sensitivity project.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold

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How do you think what happened?

We want new sexy toys, and companies are happy to make us, but when it fails it's not a success. Companies have a great deal of pressure to release new products as quickly as possible and to overcome their competitors. It is the thought of launching unprofessional products: bad performance, errors, etc. Vol. Here's nothing new.

If the company reflects on it, "Well, listen, if we do not happen, it will be the price, but we will go and if we leave it together, the price will be much higher." To make "Koaxka". When that happened, there are historical examples.


"Newton" [9-ojo dešimtmečio viduryje pasirodžiusi „Apple“ planšetė] The trade was a complete fiasco. Applause shame added. Samsung is a very similar story, because technology was mature [rašysenos atpažinimas]initially released and not meet the expectations of consumers. After failing, it's hard to recover because you missed your choice and later it was sophisticated – later Newton versions worked perfectly: people still judge you, "Aha, here they are."

Apart from a specific product, it also kills much of the technology's interest, which is a much bigger problem. Google Glass did the same thing. Google Glass launched in 2013 and said: "Look, take away and take it, they are unrealistic." It was presented as a general consumer product, although not really used and flawed. Early prototypes were borrowed for 1,500 dollars.

People did not say that. Now he said loudly: "Trust in the time of portable technology!" I think the wrong thing has happened with the fold. Take technology that is wonderful, fresh, exciting and very interesting and let it run until it's still mature – and, of course, it gets a negative response, and then recovery is very difficult.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold

But what should Samsung do differently?

Except for the invisible, do "do the first thing and then send it to reviewers"?


Consumers will forgive you more if you work transparently. Look Tesla. The first cars are not the same. But people were very much forgiven because the company admitted it clearly: it is new, interesting, costly, and it will be full of errors … and that's it. But to tell a regular buyers, will you pay for it and it will work perfectly? Here's another game.

What do they do now?

Sometimes, even if it's not as bad as your phone, Samsung should say something about it – in a transparent, convincing way. In no case: "Launching is delayed". This is not convincing. If they are not deficient, emphasize this and say that the first reviewers have achieved early models of broken patterns and those who are developing are good. I think people would buy it.

Is your museum folded?

Without a doubt, it will have a place in "Launch de la falta".

But is it "shameless failure"?

They slowed down the crash and got their points. It would be worse if you sent a faulty party and consumers would get the same problems. This would be worse.

Did you preview?

I will tell you, in the case of Fold, I lost sight of it somehow. When I saw Fold, I thought it was pretty nice. It may run. [juokiasi] As a consultant my career will end – but I did not think it would be so bad.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold

And what did you predict?

Saying a few products, I immediately say, "I'm going here, it's guaranteed to take me down in my museum." For example, do you remember Juicero juicer? I remember it completely. During that time, I was doing an investigation to collect my collection, and the first thing that ever came into the first page of Juicero New York Times. I read this article and I thought: "Look, I was wrong", I was sure that the flop would come out from the leaves. When it was finally released … well, you know Juicero's collapse story. When that happened, I thought: "Yes! I was right! "

Can Flexibility Be Financed Innovation?

I think that economic incentives for innovation have a great feeling to get someone to turn their heads on, but I hope that companies will not lose any loss. Also, I hope they do not say to themselves: we can not, we have resources and we do not do that, because they will be wrong. This will also happen. And if they do not learn it, they will repeat Samsung's mistakes.

Does Samsung get a good deal?

As a start-up company, Samsung has a shoulder sting. You have the courage to do something like that. Look Appleri. In recent years they have not lost anything of interest.

For this reason, should Samsung consider it as an honorable mark to access the museum?

Many of the companies presented at the Museum – as they thought they were coming out at the beginning, "would say," let's get our products out of our museum, "but they say that" the Museum of Mistakes is proof of our culture of innovation. "

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