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Premier League Throne Wars: Breaking Man United and final season


There was only a handful of fighting between 2014 and Man United. After finishing his career as a warrior Sir Alex Ferguson, the club did not fight for a champion title, but Scottish leadership probably ran into the title race for each season and rarely competed. We invite you to remember some of the toughest seasons.

During the 1994/95 academic year. – Alan Shearer's Year and the Blackburn Victory

There were 22 teams in the league last season and 42 drivers also played; This system has remained in the lower parts of England, but not at the highest level.

Man Alex, trained by Alex Alex Ferguson, was trapped in second place during the season. Blackburn's 34-goal led Alan Shearer won that season.
At the end of the season in four rounds, Blackburn got eight points against Man United, but in two rounds he missed two points with two points.

In the last season of the season, one of the teams did not win – Man United on 1: 1 on the road with West Ham, and Blackburn, with Liverpool 1: 2, has maintained his first position since he has been an English champion for 81 years.

The events may be in the opposite direction, if the Manchester United striker Eric Cantona, if he was not a spokesman for kung-fu-style, wrecked the London Palace rally and had long breaks in the middle of the season. The Frenchman returned to the square in October 1995.

1998/99 academic year. – Arsenal, London

This time, Sir Alex Ferguson questioned Arsenal Wenger in London for the third time in Arsenal. He was trained by his team to win the fifth-highest Premier League title to avoid Man United.

However, despite the excellent defense of Arsenal, only 17 goals were lost during the season, Man United continued his first position in 36. Up to the round, London's team wins overwhelming leaders after defeating 6: 1 "Middlesbrough. Man United has the same route he did with Leeds 1: 1.

The London club was in the last quarterfinals, but Arsenal encountered Leeds with him, exchanging his opponents, Man United Middlesbrough, and returning to the first position, which was not released in the last round and the Camp Nou. The victory of the stadium was unforgettable 2: 1 with Bayern Munich and became the UEFA Champions League winner.

It is noteworthy that both teams had two leading attacks at the time. In the face of the Man United attackers were Andy Cole and Ole Gunnar Solskiyer, Arsenal, Nicolas Anelka, thirty years old and Dutch Dennis Bergkamp. Two assault pairs scored 29 goals.

2007/08. – Man United

After losing money at the beginning of the Chelsee season in London, Jose Mourinho dismissed the Portuguese title, and instead of a good club owner, Abramovich Avram Grant.

Throughout the season, after finishing third in Chelsea Premier League, he came to the league and became Manchester United. In the 35th session, both teams got three points and Stamford Bridge stood up.

In an emotional game, the London club won a home victory, 2: 1. Michaelas Ballackas received a brilliant pass from the center. The home crowd were delighted when scored with a header after an attack from the right, making the score 2 – 4. But did he use his hand? It was 84 minutes into the game. In spite of the victory, Man United was still at the top of the league to achieve better goals.

When he won the last day of the championship, he had to win Chelsea and anticipate defeats, but the opposite happened: the London team played against Bolton in a single foreigner, and the title went back to Alex Ferguson.

In the same season in Moscow, the UEFA Champions League finalists also saw Man United and the Chelsea duel, where the British championship was once more successful, after winning the most important Continental Contest.

2011/12. – Collision between the neighbors of Manchester

Manchester City, a Middle East financial supplier, hopes to break through the decades of major Manchester Manchester.

Throughout the season, Man City kept the minimum advantage against Man United, but as of 31, the blue was scattered – Trapagaran and Arsenal failures and "Stoke" and "Sunderland" began to draw "citizens". second position

However, the main "red demons" scattered eight-point advantages: they landed in Wigan, parked in Everton and at Manchester derby, after the exact head of Vincent Kompany, they accepted the victory of eternal enemies.

At the end of the season in two rounds, dot was the same, but Man City was the leader in getting better goals.

In the two previous rounds, both teams shared the victory, and in the last round, when United United went to Sunderland, Man City took on QPR in London.

Man United won 1: 0 and waited for the news of Etihad Stadium, where Pablo Zabaleta got a good start, but in the second half, two QPR strokes and Man City were in the match but not in the championship table.

The Manchstars failed to return until the time they had joined; then Man City was able to smooth the score when Edin Jack raced.

In the minute 4, the referee "Man City" has called Sergio Aguero again. After 44 years, the club won the first league title.

2013/14 academic year. – Steven Gerrard's failure

Man City, prevailed in the United Man, won a second title, and three plans (Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal) tried to break their plans.

In the last club until the 25th in the league, then Anfield got 1: 5 from the first place in Arsenal, and defeated several defeats, after which he finished fourth.

After the defeat of Arsenal at the Liverpool stadium, Chelsea Club took an initiative in a short time. The team led by Eden Hazard and Samuel Etoo continued to rank 34, but Crystal Palace, Aston Villa and Sunderland defeated him in third place and London City Man City and season season. Liverpool teams continued.

Liverpool was a three point league leader before level 36, losing Manchester position in two rounds before the end of the championship. In a decisive match at home, Liverpool lost 0: 2 to Chelsea, and Steven Gerrard recalled the game so far. After the captain of the Liverpool slid in the middle of the field, Demba Ba took advantage of the gift and set up Simon Mignolet and established the victory of the guests.

Liverpool's championship Man City won a two-point lead. Almost every season, the league team continued with five league wins and lifted the cup. Yaya Toure scored the Premier League 20 goals.

During the 2018/19 academic year. – Two single rulers

This season's story is new: there are two horse racing throughout the year, and the difference between the first two and third parties is almost 20 points.

Liverpool, who is losing seven points, is in first place, and there are more than two points in front of Manchester City, the game was less and in three rounds (Liverpool team only two rounds) before the end of the tournament.

This weekend's title. Man City will be on Sunday at Burnley Stadium, where he has won only once in the last three meetings. Lately, Sean Dyche has lost four games. After this game, "Citizens" will travel to Leicester and Brighton Stadium.

Liverpool will also play for the title fight – UEFA Champions League Jurgen Klopp is waiting for Barcelona FC.

On Friday, the Premier League team led the team to the final position in the Huddersfield team and did not have any trouble coping. Mohamed Salah and Sadio Manek scored 5 goals.

After this game, he is expected to travel to the Newcastle Stadium in Liverpool, where Rafael Benitez, the well-known former, will be able to confuse the title plans. The season will be another great challenge: at home, the Wolves team has been successful this season.

The Premier League has changed 29 times this season, especially since 2001/02. Season The title "Man City" will continue in a row and Pep Guardiola's team will be the first club to win the title for the last 11 seasons. The Liverpool trophy would be the first in the history of the Premier League team in 1992, and Jurgen Klopp won first in England.

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