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The doctor advises: how to treat and rest colds? –


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Not only quarantine, but also when seasonal colds return to Lithuania, patients wonder how to protect themselves and take care of their health. Pixabay associated photo.

How to distinguish cold from flu?

Asked how colds are spread, for example, due to the flu, family doctor Dr. K. Pumputien explained that the first thing to consider is how quickly the first symptoms of the disease appear.

“If you have the flu, the onset of symptoms is sudden: fever, chills, general weakness of the body, muscle and headaches. Patients often say they have ‘broken bones’, dry cough, runny nose and sore throat,” says the doctor.

Meanwhile, in the case of viral infections of the upper respiratory tract, which people often call cold, their onset is less violent. Infections include sneezing, runny nose, sore throat or sore throat, and rumbling.

“Body temperature is normal or slightly increased, symptoms are more local, coughing begins after a runny nose and may persist as other symptoms subside, and general signs of the disease are much rarer,” explains K. Pumputien.

What to do about colds?

According to the family doctor, dehydrated indoor air during warming dries the mucous membranes of our airways, making it easier for viruses to enter the body. If a patient has an upper respiratory tract virus or upper respiratory tract infection, MediCA Clinic GP advises that several effective measures can be taken to relieve the symptoms.

“After experiencing the first symptoms, the easiest means available to all is to rest and take fluids. However, more precautions should be taken here: tees should not be too hot to prevent further damage to the mucous membranes. Popular nasal sprays that tighten the nasal mucosa 2-3 It is recommended to use it only for a few days, after which they may spill their nose. Washing their nose with a low salt concentration can relieve the symptoms. .

According to the interlocutor, even when the temperature rises, no medication should be used, as the body has a normal reaction to the virus. K. Pumputienė recommends taking paracetamol or ibuprofen only at a temperature of 38-38.5 or higher: “Of course, if you have a headache, you should not suffer and wait until it is” hot “enough. In this case, take medication and rest as much as possible and most “.

However, if the cold lasts longer or if you feel very unwell, according to your doctor, you should see a specialist immediately.

What to eat and how to rest when you get sick?

As doctors are constantly emphasizing the preventive benefits of a healthy diet, they should not forget about colds either. However, a fully nourished person receives all the necessary substances and vitamins with food, except vitamin D, K. Pumputienė recommends taking more food throughout the year.

Researchers have done a lot of research on vitamin C, zinc, selenium and other well-known products that can relieve and reduce the symptoms of colds. However, the therapeutic effect of such preparations has not been fully demonstrated.

“Nowadays, however, stress probably affects our immunity. You’ve probably noticed that colds attack when you’re tense and restless. When you feel the first symptoms of the disease, take the time to take care of yourself: eat quality, rest and sleep. Browse the Internet or watch TV series instead, I recommend using that time to be with yourself and to get some real quality rest, ”warns the doctor of those who like to get sick with TV or phone screens.

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