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The neighborhood of the tower is more dangerous every day – DELFI


On Monday, the whole world was astonished as the tomb of God's Mother fell in Paris. And one day ago, Sunday no Sunday at Panevėžysen, Vaižganto street was worried in the yard of Elvira Abloževičienė.

The waitress saw the window and saw the plaster window across the window. Lesser pieces of construction less than 2 kg dropped from antiquity in 1960, integrated water tower

"It was Sunday and the grandson went to the castle to hit the ball. I'll go, and there are plastered concrete pieces. There was a bigger wind and apparently it buzzed a bit of brick, and soon returned home. It would be a little if it were to hit the head, "Abloževičieni said a few days early in the morning, taking down the area and losing 10 meters long was not only thrown into his yard, but also on the street garden.

The roof is already gone

Panevėžys has been in Tower District for 22 years. After moving to Vaižganto, a 45-meter high building soon escaped to Aukštaitija Water. It was redundant in 1972 because it was no longer satisfying the needs of the city as a whole.

"Then I did not think I would come to this dangerous place. At first, everything was well on the street, it liked the yard, the roof boards started back until twelve years ago, but the cable and electricity went down the street," says Mrs. Elvyra. .

In more than a decade, they bought an old building, the entrepreneurs who planned to establish a well-being and entertainment center. However, an interesting bureaucratic idea and later burst into financial barriers and faded. The unbeatable building remained unused, unprotected, until it was finally crushed.

The conversation, depending on the party members, probably no longer has the tower; Over the whole year it has covered the entire surface. At the top of the building, after moisture, cold and rain, it is a plaster patio. The smallest flow of the tower does the wind every day.

"In the fall of last autumn, a piece of 20 kg came in the neighborhood garage, I worked in a nearby greenhouse and thought I was bursting into something. My smoke-free house, another car window, broke my collapsed tower. There is nobody here in the machine, because walking is also inconvenient. Once a snack fell to a woman who was under her feet, "said E. Abloževičienė.

New hospitality

The water tower has been sold for many years. In the opinion of real estate brokers, not only are projects of interest, but also buildings that are well-known for world-class homes.

"They went summer buyers around, around summer, but that's all. Maybe we'll come back to the city again to protect us?" – Paneveziet pointing at the top of the tower.

However, falls will soon fall into one meter wide. The tower is also covered with a metal barrier, but the residents do not benefit from it.

E. Abloževičienė has repeatedly called on the authorities to assist with a dangerous neighborhood.

There were complaints beforehand

Daiva Svirelienė Panevėžys, Head of the Public Law and Public Order of the City Council, made sure that no final complaints about a private building at Aldona Street were received. – explained the officers.

Although the parts of the private towers are only the heads of the population, there are no data on the state of the former building of the municipality so far.

Over the past five years, the city has repeatedly called for the owner of the tower. Then, they began to speed up the orders of the government. But time, weather conditions work, and if you set the old building, it started a little longer.

Hosts are not revived

The exclusive plumbing tower was purchased by newcomers in September – two people, a man and a woman of the same name. One of them has been named Kaunas, another Panevėžysen.

The commercial object is paid less than 64 thousand. euro

The buyer of the special building did not want to visit.

The real estate agent Kristina Pranckėtytė, who sold the tower, told "Secunde" that the art-museum workshop was looking for exclusive facilities interested in the building and was considering radio. There is also a building that sells fireworks and seeks a rich dining room.

From the point of view of a water tower, the municipalities of the city have no knowledge. The Department of Land Use and Architecture has not notified new owners.

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