Thursday , December 9 2021

The robot will notify you by phone that there is a need to isolate itself


“In the last month, when the pandemic in Lithuania took on a new dimension and the number of cases broke unprecedented records, volunteers and specialists working at NVSC and the telephone line faced enormous challenges. – a smart information system for the public that will save a lot of time for public health professionals, ”says Danielia Karpovičius, head of customers at Telia.

NVSC’s specifically programmed interactive voice response and smart call system calls the solution to recipients and informs them of the need for self-isolation, provides them with other necessary information, and prompts them to check the exact date of self-isolation on their phone. If the call fails, it fails again. It is estimated that 95% of contacts.

“The huge workload is becoming a challenge for NVSC to inform thousands of infected people. It requires a lot of professionals from volunteers or call centers, but finding the market so quickly is not easy. to convey the information to those who need to receive it as soon as possible and also to ensure that it is answered, ”says Rolanda Lingienė, Director of the NVSC Vilnius Department.

In mid-March this year, after announcing the country’s first global quarantine, Telia, in response to the needs of state institutions and the public, set up and installed the official COVID-19 care phone for free and made sure calls to it were completely free. For this purpose the number 1808 was assigned, special network configurations, network, cloud services, virtual call centers and other solutions were installed. The Telia team still ensures the operation of this line.

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