Saturday , January 23 2021

The scientist raised an unexpected idea about spacecraft extraterrestrial civilizations

He is the most recent and somewhat moving mathematician at Kansas State University, probably the best example of what he thinks of "thinking from the box, creatively, originally, and non-manners".

Scientists believe the creation of cosmic ships that would guide small black holes through advanced foreign civilization.

Yes, small black holes could be a source of energy for this space, and the scientist says, astronomers with a Fermi telescope around the Earth may be able to extract space movements.

The mathematician, Louis Crane, says the basic idea is that a black hole will leave a space ship out of range.

"If an advanced civilization already has this spacecraft, it's old [labai didelės energijos] Gamma radiation telescopes can detect 100-1000 light years away, Crane said. – The traces of gamma ray left by the spacecraft are distinguished from natural sources, like decades and decades. [erdvėlaivių gama pėdsakai] change ".

Crane also argues with astonishment that astronomers can detect some gamma sources "to whom no natural explanation has been found."

The scientist also looks after what civilization means to create artificial black holes and is even more exotic.

"To make an artificial black hole, we should concentrate on a million atomic object about one million gamma lasers," said Crane. It's like trying to make high-tech nuclear bombs on Earth if they are cars. The scale is above the current world economy. The only civilization, after being dominated by the Solar System, would be enough resources [sukurti dirbtinę juodąją skylę].

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