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"Žalgiris" arena – "Gregorian" concert rehearsals


Blind and dark "Žalgiris" arena. Forms of illuminated scene and smoking – wearing eight jeans and sweaters, drawing the Gregorian chorus.

Shortly thereafter, instrumentalists, enter into melody to give a rock-like musician sound.

The photographer takes an eye on the camera, saying: "No, no, please, do not take a picture. After two hours, we will start to try out on stage clothes to take photos."

After the break Gregorian Gregorian singers split the Gregorian chamber, only three remain: Lawrence White, Brendan Matthew and Miles Horner.

They are held on Mondays evening in Kaunas. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, it is intended for direct concerts to conduct intense trials. Here, in Kaunas, for several weeks, a British voice group came from German instrumentalists: guitarist, keyboardist, tutor and percussionist. Together with them, technical scene workers came along with the kitchen – a total of 25 people.

"We have not visited the city yet, maybe it will be Thursday before the concert, we have done it many times in Lithuania, the video of Vilnius will never be forgotten, the hotel that I see on the 20th floor: the whole city is covered with snow, lit up in the sun. It was cold at the time, he did not want to plunge into the nose. It's hotter now, "- L.White smiled. They are old members of El eta B.Mathew.

L.White has been singing for 15 years. "After the first appearances with Gregorian, I remember being in the hands of a beer and a cigar. Two women came to me and asked for a blessing. I did not know what to say. I got bored, and when we went by bus, we were hiding.

After the first appearances of Gregorian, I remember that it is in the hands of a beer house and a cigar. Two women came to me and asked for a blessing.

Gregorian songs emphasize: they are presented as religious choirs in music habits and not in life. "For monkeys like beer after a concert, it's necessary. Most of us are in performing arts, for example, I'm an actor, Miles – a musical theater, an opera, so we're a singer-songwriter," said Matthew.

L.Whitek affirms that many members of the group previously sang churches in churches: "I've been playing Gregorian for fifteen years, but I've been singing church choreography from time to time. Many of us sing in London in professional songs – churches and cathedrals. Many make up a classic song: Church music, as well as a crown, is one of the most classic types of music: it has centuries-old traditions, Gregorian chorales, as we have sung. "

"Yes, and it's an eternal tradition that inspires those who do not come from church music," remarked B.Matthew. – Frank Peterson's first producer – I heard a man from Gorrior, who was working on the Enigma era At that time, he was sitting in a cafe, where he was listening to rock music, which was mixed with the choir of the church through the open church door, F.Peterson's grand plan combines these styles: rock, pop, and song, and present to audiences. was. "

And yet, what kind of music is Gregorian, Metallic, Arm or Pop music – in his heart? "If it's opened, then Gregorian music is slow, relaxing, and meditative, but when metal-writers, rock, or pop instrumental music people wake up, it's easy to be amazed, and in the Holy Chants songs, it's half-instrumental instrumental. It's easy for everyone, "said L.White.

"Sometimes our Gregorian people are doing music, which is very exciting, for example," Moment of Peace "or" Unfinished World. "This is a very exciting one. To make these pieces, we believe that what we sing is really our family creation, "said B. Matthew.

"Singing the Gregorian singer is also nice. But if you are on stage, you want to feel the energy that rock music gives to the choir," – admitted L.White.

"It's a good idea for me to be a new member, to see what we are doing, and to do what we do. It's like a label of the quality of the group: the Gregorian is able to get the sound of the church and the cathedral," says M. Hornner. That is why he emphasized: the distinctive sign of the group is the "mixture" of tradition and the musical style of the time created by the church.

What happens in this past episode of the previous Gregorian? "This time, we offer a traditional Christmas show with a rock album, and this performance is visually high, one by one explaining a vocalist – The concert's beginning is very spiritual, with religious and Christian advice, a moment Relaxing and relaxed, inviting Christmas to relax. Then he has taken us to another aspect of music – energy rhythms, rock melodies, "- said M. Horner.

The Gregorian launches Holy Chants Tour in Europe. After concerts in Kaunas, Palanga and Vilnius, Poland, Germany, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Switzerland will travel.

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