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Barcelona News: I see the opportunities for the return of the Neymar Camp Nou to zero, says the club's legends Xavi – Article


This year's Golden Boy Award nomination was announced on Wednesday, Liverpool's right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold, Ajax captain Matthijs de Ligt, Roma Justin Kluivert, AC Milan striker Patrick Cutrone and a Real Madrid star rising Vinicius Junior.

Although the 2017 winner Kylian Mbappe happened unexpectedly, the fifth finalists included in the list. Each one has been considered the first group rule or the forced transfer last year, thanks to some impressive exhibitions.

Here's a look at the five competitors.


Appearances: 39

Objectives: 1

Help: 4

The young England will return to Liverpool's first right in the past year, as well as making certified defensive acts, making the attack a vital part.

Alexander-Arnold premiered his debut in the Championships immediately, in order to kick-bursting, and began to maintain strength in 2018.

Despite showing Liverpool's chest on the trousers, Cristiano Ronaldo showed up on the bright side of the club and the town, and has scored the only goal in England last week. Let's remember it.


Appearances: 46

Objectives: 3

Help: 4

The transfer to the Barcelona and Manchester City you like is at the top of the player's final goal. De Ligt's 19-year-old was a star two years ago, after breaking into Ajax for the captain.

"The league's rhythm and defensive position in the Dutch defense" gets behind the door, but it is a good idea to start the attack.

After making debut in the Netherlands in recent years, he has been rebooted by the national team and has noticed his talent among the winners of Oranje's 3-0 wins.


Appearances: 27

Objectives: 5

Contributor: 4

Along with De Ligt, Justin Kluivert won the first prize in Rafael Van der Vaart in 2003. His compatriot, Kluivertek turned on Ajax and Eredivisie's club performance won the summer 2017 transfer. / 18 semi finalists of the Champions League.

He has become one of the most important players on the A Series, and his collaborators began debut. Kluivert, Ajax former, AC Milan and Patrick star of Barcelona, ​​has risen to the victory of European football, which is why he has chosen this award.


Appearances: 36

Goals: 14

Contributor: 5

AC Milan has given Cutronero the biggest summer gift. When Gonzalo Higuain bought Juventus through the window of transfer, all ordinary strikers were on sale – except for young stars.

Cutron won his debut American debut with a wonderful season, when he was seven years old at the time. In the last season his goals were in Milan in Europe, and he managed to get it from the beginning of the new season.


Appearances: 22

Objectives: 7

Contributor: 6

Real Madrid's 18-year signing was never easy. Especially, he is not anointed as a new guardian of the club, even before the ball is thrown into the first team.

However, Vinicius Junior became the favorite because the first team was struggling in the new club because it was committed to the club for good reasons.

The Brazilian was a star in his country, it was enough for Madrid to steal the tide against rivals and to secure themselves a year ago, leaving Flamenc until summer.

It was not until then that it was common for flamenco. But since then his exhibits showed a talent.

Statistics taken by Transfermarkt. List of club and country statistics until 2018.

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