Wednesday , January 20 2021

Cosmetic clinics in the UK to look after clients' mental health problems

The aesthetic clinics in the UK should begin to assess the mental health problems of the client. Doctors are afraid that some people may change the appearance of body image obsessions and some of the treatments may be harmful.

"Aesthetics company with a more rigorous control of youth protection is a breakthrough," said Stephen Powis, a medical director at NHS England.

However, he believes that there is a need for more regulation. "Although often the voluntary steps of mental health are still in the hands of the providers that work in law.

"It is one of the most important things in the eyes of young people, and the accessibility of smart idealized bombings and rapid repair procedures will result in mental health and anxiety epidemic."

A newly created body for voluntary self-regulation, a Cosmetic Practitioner Committee. After a bad publicity, cosmetic surgery and aesthetic therapists are aligned with government and medical associations.

Kitty Wallace, Trustee of the Foundation Body Dysmorphic Disorder Foundation, told The Guardiani: "We know that procedures that can be certified by people with dismorfotic disorders do not respond to or help with the underlying psychological situation."

Tom Madders, director of the YoungMinds campaign, added: "Young people struggling with mental health often feel pressure on the body's image, so employees of cosmetic products will look at signs of mental health, but we also need more widespread social action by young people. and how they look to feel positive. Fashion, music and advertising industries should do more to promote real body images. "

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