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F1 Paddock Diary: Second Prize of the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan


Will Willek Baku may claim damages on Friday? @DieterRenck's Azerbaijan Grand Prix has created amazing information on this subject.


Since my luggage was not a bit of a restore from Baku since nightfall (I missed Aeroflot flight two times since I landed it (and, as a result, I missed Friday afternoon flight). The frustration that is lacking in the recovery of the company's services is Morning. I get new nights.


Run the circuit, an ordinary five kilometer / hour taxi. I chose the subway options, but the changes involved, I do not like the intense ride on the wind in a backpack with ten kilo kits, especially when I ride a lot of parking lots – up to 15km. day


Follow paddock bits and bobs, especially to collect information about the first flows of F1's first income streams: races, television broadcasts, and bridge / board signage. I'm going to tell you a few numbers beforehand as Liberty seems to be more flexible than the sport under Bernie Ecclestone. From these words, one of my sources has confirmed that it has arrived in Baku.

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As in Friday, I'm in Williams because of the traditional British breakfast, for a moment, the wink of a group of hard times. In such times, the ability and the warming of a group makes it difficult for people to walk their footsteps in the spring, not that the recovery is safe.

I know I'm not alone, I hope to get better times, but I do not know what fate is for Williams …

1 pm

Baku City Circuit, 2019The first practice begins and the session is almost immediately marked after a bracket in the red lid, a solid steel disk collide with George Russell Williams and completely destroys the floor and breaks the chassis defect. This story is similar but apparently smaller by Romain Grosjean's Haas (Malaysia) in 2017 – the cost of 500 thousand dollars was to the team. Williams is currently the last thing he needs.

Haas has been compensated for the Sepang circuit insurance and, once it was seen, I said that the damage caused by Baku two days ago has signed insurance policies. Let's not expect an excluded attachment.

It allows me to purchase some of the key items to go to an unexpected breakdown in the process, instead of being confident in a single comfort used in my hotel. It's just enough for me to get out of my suitcase or get it out on Monday …


Claire Williams, Williams, Baku, 2019The press conference of the FIA ​​team leaders, and I'm asking Claire Williams to report reports of the most wage gap between all the F1 groups in Britain. This is the only woman who actively contributes actively to F1 equity organizations.

That's why it calls "the stick that strikes us at that time," and the difference between its genre calls for the rules to denounce the "deceptive results".

"For me, the means to verify gender equality in your business are, first and foremost, women," he says. "One year more and more women are coming to work at Williams and I am delighted about the main role of women in the automotive industry, in the administration and in marketing."

Also, I invite Christian Horner to comment on what his colleague Dr. Helmut Marko will have, F1 women's driver F1 will not see it soon.

"As far as I know, I am for the power of the little girl," she draws on Mark's notes. "Regarding Helmut's comments, I think they were false comments, they were not … maybe they have become a bit".

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3:30 pm

Christian Horner, Bernie Ecclestone, Baku, 2019Take shopping center towards the clothing purchase track. I'm tired of climbing the night. I was surprised at the price of Baku, so bored enough.

I'll go back to Ecclestone and wife Fabiana Flosi. It has been running for 90 years (next October), however, as always. We discuss the manhole disturbances, and immediately remembers Haas's Malaysian situation, plus Monaco, China, and of course the first race in Baku three years ago when Valtteri Bottas got a similar coverage – in Williams too!

Say what you like to "E E", but it remains as sharp as carbon fiber splitter.


Dialogues begin, divided into almost three hours. Every Friday, as usual, is the slowest day of the day for written media, almost every session on TV shows.


Traveling to a taxi, we have agreed to the exchange until conditions, and 45 minutes later I am in the hotel. Although Friday is afternoon, traffic is getting worse. Over the course of the journey, I'm asking myself, alot, if Aeroflot delivered my suitcase or not, but he advised me.

It's not such a luck …

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