Saturday , October 24 2020

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At 88, the most successful investor worldwide, Warren Buffett is head of his company, Berkshire Hathaway.

The candidates of both candidates will be their possible descendants, but until now they have not been the protagonist of Buffett.

How long will Buffett manage for Berkshire? He describes his office as a paradise. Unfortunately, he manages to manage his money every day to access his office and work for 25-person employees for money management.

The wealthiest third-handed man in the world is headed by an insurance company that brings $ 100 million in money. It has assets of 700.6 million dollars, of which 112.5 million dollars in cash.

The investment in the last 10 years has not been completed by the S & P index. This means that those who make money on the S & P Index index achieved better results compared to what Berkshire Hathaway gave to shareholders during this period.

However, thousands of Buffett's Omaha (Nebraska) wait for their annual speech. They have come up with guidelines on their investment decisions because Buffett is a brand of value-added investment.

Buffett's story does not approach the bell tower out?

Yes, we are talking about Prime Minister Tun Tun Mahathir Mohamad. He has met his critics for 93 years and is in a position to help the other supporters dare to dare.

Dr. Mahathir and the crown of Prince Johor's ongoing agreement on whether or not the state has an influence on the state of the southern state has made the Brownie point.

Dr. Mahathir's position is that the government decides not to kiss nor to choose a palace. The crown of the Prince feels otherwise.

He was not happy as he was managing the party, as Johor had managed to convince Dr. Mahathir that he was supposed to leave, so that the leaders of the party could believe it to carry it out.

The clear sign that comes out of this passage is that Dr. Mahathir has a political support. The resigned president and political king Johor, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, were backed by the 93-year-old Prime Minister. Without mining words, Muhyiddin said the palace should stop interference with state government affairs.

No matter what they feel, it is clear that Dr. Mahathir is still very respectful and has enormous influence on his party, but only by other Harapan parties.

Since Harata's government in Pakistan, Dr. Mahathir's success has become increasingly controversial. Until now, the only named person is Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Like Buffett, Dr. Mahathir strengthens his work. Every day he works, although he sometimes sleeps four hours. He sits in meetings and rarely takes a rest from the toilet.

It is sharp and passionate to answer questions and take part in any of the stages involved. He is a family member of a family living in the late 90's.

Dr. Mahathir has said that he will be the Prime Minister for only two years. Many are looking at the rhythm that Dr. Mahathir maintains, many question after two years.

In the corporate world, it is busy all over the world in Menara Ilham, because the old guard keeps its reputation. He is the former Minister of Finance and senior chair chairman, Tun Daim Zainuddin, 80 years old.

Daim has developed a resurgence of the East Coast Rail Link project with the Chinese government. The number of corporate people has been recognized by corporate people who are looking for the best country infrastructure project.

True, Daim is out of politics.

The agreement between Malandia and China took place in the ECRL project after the first week of April. Incidentally, last week Bandar Malaysia project was reported. This project was part of Iskandar Waterfront Holdings and China Railway Engineering Corporation.

The news from ECRL and the revival of the Bandara Malaysia project was a success in the market.

When he won the Harapan elections in Pakistan, Daim spent three years administering new administrations to keep faith and see results. Now it's about to end one year and see what activity there will be.

For the moment, the outlook is still wise due to domestic and foreign factors. During the 11-year bullfighting cycle, after 10 years, a correction is observed. Global crash and Malaysian fear is being retained by investors.

After other ECR and LRT3 infrastructure projects, the economy should be much more. It is necessary to keep up-to-date on new stock exchanges.

Then would we see the transition from Malaysian leadership?

It's hard to say. But geriatric chief leaders can not be underestimated. They did not wait until they started. They know how to press the exit button.

Buffett will not leave her job anymore. Probably, Berkshire Hathaway still seeks a better return on its shareholders compared to the S & P index.

Also, Dr. Mahathir will leave time. We know there are still a lot of work to do. In the meantime, there is no secondary inventory for the outgoing schedule. It's just something that decides.



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