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Minor bug fix patch comes to Fortnite on January 31

Epic Games brings Twitter to Fortnite's future patch, which is 7.7.

Patch is a calendar on Thursday, January 31st, 2019, at 7:00 p.m. No downtime, customer update required.

Epic Games has not announced that this update update includes bugs, Fortnite's playback mode may be related to temporary disabling.

On the first day, on January 30, Replay Mode Replays was temporarily disabled for watching, Epic worked to direct a mistake to bring Marshmello Concert (officially Marshmello Concert) closer.

We have disabled ability to view reagents while we are investigating a problem.

All playbacks will be saved over time and will be visible when this feature is activated.

The next client patch is also expected to make the v7.30 upgrade that is anticipated for saving broken ping pinging at the game ping.

Epic has made changes since 7.7 changes to allow client patch on January 31.

Hey folks,

In Ping's lower levels (0 internal) we've seen some UI questions displayed, as well as the connection timeout error displaying in the appropriate network conditions. We wanted to make clear about what's going on around us.

You can see the next line v7.30 Patch Notes:

Reason has been resolved for Debug UI, which has had a significant impact on ping value.

We found a problem with the current method of calculating the ping, so that the displayed ping values ​​were higher than those that were being played.

Thus the ping values ​​that were created were not the indicators or the players that actually lived. In V7.30, we started testing a new method of ping calculation, and this player needed to give a more accurate connection to the server. On the other hand, we also added an UI indicator to display "Connection Lost" notification in low networks.

However, we have seen reports that show the "Connection Lost" message in good condition, that the players see 0 values ​​and the FPS may have direct impact on the screen ping value. For this reason, we have decided to make provisional changes, before proceeding to add other things, to clarify the rest of the kinks.

Once we are ready to add these changes again, we will provide a more detailed and detailed technical information about this new Ping Calculation and how it works. We look forward to your questions and comments when the blog is ready!

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