Wednesday , January 20 2021

Nara pens Letter of sensitivity after announcing the Venus disintegration of the cause

On April 27, Hello Venus Nara let Instagram leave the group to send a handwritten decision.

Hello, Hello, it's Nara's Venus.

It has been a long time ago to say with a handwritten letter. I will write this with a heavy and calm heart and order. Yesterday you've heard through the media. Alice and I have started leaving Fantagio for nine years now. The contract ended on May 8, although I was working on my project, I took this decision after thinking a lot of members and the agency. Although I'm sad and annoyed, this is the decision to show our dreams and do our best. Hello Venus's debut in May 2012 seems yesterday and it's still my life. All Hello Venus members have pledged their commitment, but I feel we can not save them all.

All the time, I wanted to make the best of Nara, and I want to keep up with the promises made with the fans, but my heart is worrying, I do not think I have kept them all. Instead of thinking of the end of Hello Venus, I'll think I'll show it to other fans as the beginning and I'll try to show it at all times. Please follow me alone, but Alice, Lime, Yooyoung, Seoyoung and Yeoreum too; For we will do our best. So I hope that Hello Cupids are not too hurt. Likewise, I want to thank the people of Fantagio for nine years. All the time, I felt great help when thinking about Hello Cupids's love with Hello Venus, and I was able to work creating wonderful dreams.

Although I do not pay for Hello Venus, I will make it even more difficult to return to the love given by former member of the Hello Venus Kwon Nara. I always hope you are healthy and happy.

Hello Venus Nara. April 27, 2019

Previously, on April 26, Fantagio Music released its official declaration on the expiration of the Hello Venus contract.

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