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Oolong tea health benefits – Preventing breast cancer, helping you lose weight, good heart health and diabetes

Healthy drinkable drinking every day Oolong tea

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New Delhi: Oolong tea, a traditional Chinese tea that combines the characteristics of black and white tea, is related to various health benefits. Although this type of tea only accounts for about 2 percent of the world's total tea consumption, it has many benefits, stimulating stress metabolism and preventing diseases, such as diabetes and cancer.

By charging vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, oolong tea is made from partially oxidized leaves of Central Camellia sinensis, the same plant used as green tea and black tea. This type of tea has been found to be against cancer properties. A new study published in the journal Anticancer Research show oolong tea to prevent the growth of breast cancer cells and mix cancer cells DNA by inhibiting tumor growth and progression. Read – High Blood Pressure (High BP): 3 healthy drinks and drinks with high blood pressure

Research groups at the St. Louis University in Missouri, like green tea, cause DNA damage and can cause decay, inhibit the growth, proliferation and tumorigenic function of breast cancer.

Oolong tea health benefits based on the discovery of several key analysis


Several studies suggest that polyphenol antioxidants help improve oolong tea blood sugar control and reduce risk of developing type 2 diabetes. However, the discovery of oolong tea studies showed mixed results, which is why more research is required. Read – Type 2 Diabetes Prevention: Here's how much you need to drink every day lowering blood sugar

Weight loss

Several studies suggest that oolong tea may be helpful in losing weight, a 2009 study (including 102 excessive diseases or obesity) has shown that oolong helps improve fat metabolism and reduces body weight.

Heart disease

Researchers who study the population Epidemiology and Community Health Bulletin In 2011, oolong tea that drank reduced the risk of cardiovascular illness. Another study that people who drink one or more cups every day had a lower risk of heart disease.

Dental health

The research is taking oolong tea for a healthier tooth and a reduced risk of toothbrushes. That is, it has a high amount of oolong tea fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent cavities.

Disclaimer: The advice and suggestions mentioned in this article are for general purpose information and are not required by professional medical advice. Always ask your doctor or a diet before starting any fitness program or before making your diet changes.

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