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The common use of tobacco and alcohol can lead to an increase in neurons in the brain regions

In addition to many harmful effects on health, tobacco smoking causes chemical changes, oxidative stress and swelling in the brain. Excessive alcohol use can have similar effects. Surprisingly, however, few have studied the combined effect of burning and alcohol on the brain. Now, the researchers chat ACS Chemical Neuroscience They have shown that in mice, the use of tobacco and alcohol is more common in neural areas that are particularly harmful to the brain regions.

According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, many people who smoke tobacco drink too much alcohol and vice versa. For this reason, the combined effects of the two central nervous system combinations would be analyzed. But previous studies have examined the effects of isolation. Therefore, Alana Hansen and colleagues wanted to drink and smoke together in the brain of rheumatized drug addicts.

The researchers treated rats with alcohol, tobacco smoke, or twice a day for 28 days, and no animal was found among the animals that controlled their brains. With alcohol and smoking, oxygen reactive species have increased the level of the hippocampus compared to animals that control tobacco smoke or rats. In all the brain areas studied, combined with alcohol and smoking, the amount of inflammatory cytokines increased over the treatment. On the other hand, the lower levels of neurotrophic brain derivative factors have lower levels of brain derived neurotrophic factors and, in the heart and fractures of the frontal cortex, stimulates the growth factor of the neuron and accelerates the growth of new ones. These results suggest that alcoholic smokers smoke may be associated with neurosurfactors that may be at increased risk, researchers say.



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