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USB-C cables for your Android phones or laptops



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best USB C cable

The MicroUSB charging port is slowly but surely disappeared by smartphones and tablets, and USB C takes its place. USB-C port on laptops, tablets, mobile phone and even mobile gaming consoles can also be found at Nintendo Switch.

Although charging for all charging cables and accessories, USB-C port and USB 3.1 standards have many advantages. For example, USB-C cables are reversible, charge your device faster, and transfer data faster.

However, like lightning cables, there are many faulty USB devices that allow you to fry your device, drawing too much power, so be careful. USB standards can be confusing and some manufacturers do not follow correctly. You can read all the technical devices behind USB-C 3.1 cables and read about some of the issues caused by the excellent piece of Android organization.

Amazon has recently begun to turn on faulty USB-C cables, and Google's engineer Benson Leung has tried USB-C cables to verify compliance with official standards and to enforce it. You can keep track of its Google+ page and read reviews on its USB accounts on its Amazon account page.

Your best bet is to stick chains between popular brands and our listings. A long cable, one short, cheaper, one USB-C at the end, or one USB-C from USB. We have a cable in our purchase guide. Many of these cables have been tested and demonstrated by what Leung or other reliable reviewers do.

Note that some of these cables do not load their devices with QuickCharge technology at full speed

USB-C USB-C cables in front of USB-C USB-A cables

USB c vs. A

Most of our recommended cables are available in two different formats: USB-C-USB-C or USB-C to USB-A . In order to highlight inequality, during this guide we have coded two different types of cables. Here's what the cable is:

  • Buy USB-C USB-C cables You have two USB-C port devices that require two connectors. Example: Samsung Galaxy S8 (or another USB-C Android phone) 2016 Connect to a MacBook Pro (or other USB-C laptop).
  • Buy USB-C to USB-A if there are cables You must connect to an older device with a USB-C device with a USB port. Example: Samsung Galaxy S8 (or another USB-C Android phone) only connects with old portable computers or USB-A ports.

Here are the best USB-C cables:

Updated on 11/21/2018 by Malarie Gokey: Updated Native Union Night Cable and updated prices.

Read the slides below to see our top choices.

The best USB-C cable overall

Anker / Business Insider

Why you love: Anker PowerLine USB-C-USB-C and USB-C to USB-A The cables offer fast transfer speeds, a robust and respectable design.

Anker carries great charging cables and batteries for iPhone and Android devices. His latest PowerLine USB-C-USB-C and USB-C to USB-A Cables are powerful interpreters that you can buy at a good price.

The cord strengthens with Kevla and connectors stresses are strengthened to achieve greater sustainability. For testing, Anker powered up to 5000 times the PowerLine cables to ensure it expires. It also offers an 18 month warranty for the company and users to obtain a reputation for their subsequent success.

Anker's PowerLine USB-C cables have a Velcro tie, which will help you to force the cable length you do not need. It also facilitates traveling with the cable. These cables can be purchased in several different sizes, such as 3 feet, 6 feet and 10 feet.

Most importantly, securely charge and synchronize these cables to your device with high-speed USB-C ports. The transfer rate can be increased to 5Gbps, that is, it's enough to pass an HD movie for less than five seconds. Anker's cables do not offer the full speed of QuickCharge mobile phones.

You can also get one of these cables in one of two formats: USB-C-USB-C (When you need to connect two USB devices anymore) or USB-C to USB-A (When you need to connect your USB-C device to an older USB device).

Amazon's reviews are positive and Google's engineer gives Benson Leung anchor signals from their bundles, as the devices will be safe with any of those PowerLine USB-C cables.

pros: Brand name trade wires, USB-C, USB-C and USB-C USB-A options, numerous cable lengths, 5Gbps transfer speed, secure security for use and 18 months warranty

Cons: Not all QuickCharge phones are loaded at full speed

Buy 3 Piece Anker PowerLine USB-C-USB-C 2.0 Amazon cable for $ 7.99

Buy 3 Piece Anker PowerLine USB-C to USB-A 3.0 Amazon cable for $ 6.99

Buy a 6-foot Anker PowerLine USB-C-USB-C 2.0 Cable on Amazon $ 9.99

Buy a 6-foot Anker PowerLine USB-A from USB 3.0 C Amazon cable for $ 7.99

Buy a 10-foot Anker PowerLine USB-A from USB 3.0 C Cable on Amazon $ 11.99

Cheap USB-C cable

Amazon / Business Insider

Why do you love AmazonBasics? USB-C to USB-A USB-C and USB-C cables provide fast support and one-year warranty support.

Amazon highlights the competition of harmful high quality products sold by AmazonBasics. If you only have a basic USB-C cable and you do not want to spend a premium, the AmazonBasics line of USB-C cables is superb.

If you need 6 inches, 3 feet, 6 feet or 9 meters, Amazon has it. You can also get one of these cables in one of two formats: USB-C-USB-C (When you need to connect two USB devices anymore) or USB-C to USB-A (When you need to connect your USB-C device to an older USB device).

AmazonBasics Each USB-C cable offers 480Mbps data transfer, output power up to 5V or 3 AMPs and one-year limited warranty. The cables are also USB-IF certificates that meet standard USB 2.0 standards.

In other words, these cables do not fry your devices too much, but USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 standards are not met, so there are no other cables. QuickCharge may not receive full speed on your device, but AmazonBasics's "USB-C" cables are better.

Amazon's comments are positive, and usually you can not go wrong with AmazonBasics products. These cables have a one-year warranty but they make a bad case. If you are not happy, Amazon will give you a period of 30 days from the day of purchase.

pros: Internal, compliant with USB-IF standards, available in different lengths, USB-C as a USB-C cable or USB-C as a USB-A cable, supports fast charging, annual warranty

Cons: It only comes in black and white, and it is not as durable as others

Buy 6-inch AmazonBasics Type C to USB 2.0 type C Cordon Amazon at $ 6.49

Buy 3-foot AmazonBasics USB C-USB 2.0 C Amazon cable for $ 6.99

Buy 3-foot AmazonBasics USB-A from USB 2.0 to USB Amazon cable for $ 6.99

Buy 6-foot AmazonBasics USB-C from USB-Cra 2.0 Amazon cable for $ 7.99

Buy 6-foot AmazonBasics USB-A from USB 2.0 to USB Cordon Amazon at $ 6.49

Buy 9-foot AmazonBasics USB C-USB 2.0 C The Amazon cable is 6.95 euros

Buy 9-foot AmazonBasics USB-A from USB 2.0 to USB Cable on Amazon $ 9.99

USB-C longest length

Native Union

Why you love: Native Union Night Cable has a length of 10 meters, with no problem loading or synchronizing your phone.

Locals rarely have where you need, so having a long charging chord is essential in your arsenal. Native Union's Night Cables measures 10 meters in length, so you do not have to get the charging cable to your device.

The cables of the USB-C cables are covered in a layer of aluminum, covered in braided nylon for a more durable. Multiple layers meet Native Union so that they do not burn cables. The stresses that are very close to the ends of the load are quite solid, and the cables have a one-year warranty if they have errors.

Like all USB cables on our list, Native Union cables meet the USB C specifications and safe to use. This cable is charging 2.4A, so cables are not loaded as fast as other cables.

pros: A long 10-meter long cable with a braided solid design, supports a 2.4A load, connects the USB-C device to older USB ports

Cons: QuickCharge does not match speed for all phones

Buy Native Union Night Cable Amazon at $ 39.99

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