Wednesday , February 8 2023

Valuable increase in penalties for AFK and penitentiaries in the next 1.13 patch


Playing Valorant can often be frustrating when you come across other players who are deliberately throwing away their game play. However, this type of behavior is coming to an end, as Riot Games shows its intentions to deal with the number of AFK, shooters, grievances and smurfs in the game in its latest Ask Valorant blog post today.

For starters, to reduce the number of players going into the AFK game, Valorant changes the rankings in the standings from 20 games to 10 wins starting with the next patch.

“We hope this will allow players who are just spam crop games to really get involved in the game and strive for victories,” said producer Sara Dadafshar.

Riot claimed that they are working to “better detect this type of behavior that will lead to harsher punishment”.

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The AFK, which is being studied by Riot, includes a list of sanctions against sadness or smurfs: “the level of sanctions, the easing of experience, the reduction of queues for longer, and there are also bans.”

Dadafshar continued: “We want to separate disruptive behaviors from communication and gameplay and then punish them accordingly. I can’t give you our secrets to find out what the detection plans are, but know that we’re working that way to make the game more fun!

Riot mentioned that they may intend to start working on a system that allows players to block grief to avoid queuing up with them.

“There are some nuances that we should work on so that queue times don’t increase significantly, but we understand how frustrating it is when you meet someone you just complained about in the previous game,” Dadafshar said.

Valorant Patch 1.13 Release Date:

The VALORANT 1.13 patch is expected to be released on December 8th.

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