Las vaccines they were born mainly for two reasons: to prevent diseases directly, in the people who administer them, and to promote the disease group immunity, protecting patients who, for one reason or another, cannot receive them. For example, the latter occurs in immunocompromised individuals. Your immune system is not eligible to receive the vaccine, but if all the people around them get it, there will be no problem, because they will not have to get infected.

Thanks to this group immunity, someone who has not been vaccinated against a particular disease can go to places with a large concentration of people, such as parties, amusement parks or monuments. Unfortunately, while this is so easy that people who do not have some of the few contraindications to these drugs follow their usual vaccination schedule, the irrational fear that has arisen towards them in recent years can turn a simple vacation into a dangerous one. cheat. That's what might be happening in the United States, after one New Zealand teenager holiday by the Southern California have walked the measles by some of the theme parks and monuments most emblematic of the state. After being aware of the news, the health authorities have been put to work, trying to locate the people who could come in contact with the young woman, before her slip increases the numbers of the outbreaks that so many headaches have brought to the North American country in the last year.

Like a needle in a haystack

Upon receiving information about the illness of the young tourist, county health officials Los Angeles and Orange They issued a warning last Friday that people who visited Disneyland in the past August 12 they may have been exposed to the disease.

Apparently, the girl arrived Los Angeles International Airport the August 11th and then went to the hotel Desert Palms, in Anaheim, where he remained until his return to New Zealand, the August 15. In addition, according to Associated Press, it seems that after Disneyland visited Universal Studios, TCL Chinese Theater and Madame Tussauds, in Hollywood. Finally, on August 14 he spent the day on the beach and on the Santa Monica pier.

Authorities in the affected area have tracked down the steps of the sick girl, trying to locate as many people as possible in contact with her, from waiters to staff at the attractions and monuments visited. All of them were asked about possible symptoms and were asked about their condition immunization. If they cannot prove that they have received the vaccine, they may be asked not to go to public places for as long as the disease is delayed.

As for the rest of the population, he has been informed about them first signs of measles, but it is recommended that if you experience them, call one health care provider instead of going to the doctor, in order to prevent the virus from being exposed to more people.

No cases have been detected at the moment. However, this disease, which is transmitted by air and direct contact with infected people, it may take time up to 21 days in giving rise to obvious signs, such as fever or rash.

As for the Disneyland workers, the park's medical director, the doctor Pamela Hymel, has stated that the risk of getting infected is very low, as the center carries out rigorous immunization campaigns and information on diseases like this. But they are not the only ones who could be in contact with the girl.

The daily average of visitors to Disneyland exceeds 40,000 people, a figure similar to the record of attendees at Universal Studios, which was reached in 2017. The list of possible contagions is huge, so it would not be surprising that in a week the first cases begin to manifest.

Something similar happened already in 2015, when an outbreak, possibly started in the city of Mickey Mouse, resulted in 147 infected, spread over several states, as well as in Canada and Mexico.

A few years ago, extreme precautions were needed to travel to tropical countries. Now it is for Disneyland. And all "thanks" to the vaccine movement. Few more samples are needed than their followers are wrong.