Sunday , September 26 2021

Addicted to WhatsApp? Discover these three tricks that will be very useful

WhatsApp Messaging around the world has become the most widely used application because it is very easy for users to handle. This app is always there The avant-gardeThat’s why it introduces new changes, but some of them aren’t taken into account.

If you don’t know these tools WhatsApp Here we will tell you how you can use it better. These are the three simple functions that every user should know.

Private profile

The app offers security options, the most important of which is to have your profile private. You can use WhatsApp without anyone noticing.

Disable connection time: It is intended for other people not to know the last moment you used the app. However, if you use this option, you will not be able to see the last connection for your contacts.

Turn off the blue popcorn: All you have to do is turn off the read confirmation option. As with the other option, you may not know whether other users have read your posts.

Highlight messages

It often happens that among so many messages we don’t find the exact one. It’s complex chat interiorTherefore, this option is the most practical way to avoid losing these messages.

Highlight messages: A very clear tool that allows you to mark or add the most important messages as favorites, here are the steps to highlight:

1. Select the message and click the star at the top.

2. You need to enter the profile to find it and find them there.


These tools are hidden, but they are quite useful and you can send more stylish messages. This option allows you to send messages in bold, italics, or in bold.

Thick messages: To highlight messages in bold, you must place the words between two asterisks

.Lying message

: You have to use a symbol to put a message in italics to emphasize the word (_).Crossed messages

: As in the previous cases, a symbol is used. If you want the message to appear crossed out, put a tilde or a tilde (~).

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