Tuesday , August 3 2021

Cofec is investigating Walmart for possible monopolistic practices

Walmart of Mexico – reported Federal Economic Competition Commission (Cofece) on the study of possible relative monopolistic practices in the supply and wholesale distribution of consumer goods in the market, retail marketing and related services.

“Walmex is confident that its actions have complied with applicable law and that participation in the Mexican market has always led to consumer prices, especially for low-income Mexican families and remote areas. Mexican stock market.

The company has stressed that it will show the relevant authorities and in the appropriate forums how it has worked Mexico, when you exercise your rights as a company.

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It should be recalled that in early November Cofec published the results of the “Study of the Modern Food and Beverage Retail Trade Channel Competition”. There, only 87% of the country’s areas of influence are owned by Walmart de México.

“This chain has no competition in nearly half of the stores located in undeveloped or lower-density areas,” the commission said in a study.

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