Sunday , December 5 2021

Criminals will use Covid-19 evidence as a hook for cyberattacks, experts warn


The cybercriminals will take advantage of the free trial Covid-19 at Year New to attack users, it ensures DigiCert their Forecasts 2021.

“Scammers use social engineering to deceive users provide your email address, telephone number and credit card number with a 25-cent order to verify your information and get Covid-19 for a free trial offer”Explains Dean Coclin CEO DigiCert Business Development.

In a statement, Covid reports that it is facing state-of-the-art fake technologies and a “government-approved” offer to deal with the temperature in its surroundings. it will trick the user into downloading malicious applications on smart devices that can be exploited by cybercriminals activities evil.

On the other hand, Coclin warns that unemployment fraud will increase.

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“We will see even more growth in 2021 pandemic-oriented unemployment programs governments have lowered barriers to reaping benefits and security methods have been unable to follow. If we see additional incentive funds from governments to mitigate the effects of the pandemic, this will make it a richer channel for scammers. ”

You also need to be vigilant about the subject taxes, therefore, with the increase in tax filing deadlines in 2020, cybercriminals are expected to exploit this advantage in 2021. Phishing will increase dramatically during the tax period.

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