Tuesday , August 3 2021

Delivery of medicines has arrived Heraldry of Aguascalientes

As of this weekend, five thousand medicines and sedatives such as Propofol, Cisatracurio and Vecuronium, which are essential for intubating patients in need, have arrived; This is a reason for IMSS doctors to be happy.

In particular, the doctors of Hospital 1 determined that they saw the deliveries on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, which means a great rest, as they will provide full care to the patient and provide the decent service they need.

The head of Medical Benefits, José de Jesús Chávez Martínez, has announced that 51 beds have been enabled in Zone 2 General Hospitals (HGZ), in addition to the existing 328 in 379 beds in the organization, due to SARS-CoV-2 virus, which are serious or very serious to provide exclusive care to patients.

He said that this equipment will continue to occur depending on the behavior of the incidence of infections; He specified that 44% of the beds available for access to COVID-19 in the IMSS are available; all with staff and equipment prescribed by the rules.

He noted that, unfortunately, Aguascalientes was experiencing one of the highest incidence of confirmed cases, so the new beds were enabled.

Within this process are the percentages indicated, doctors and medicines.

The maximum bed occupancy during the IMSS health emergency of this entity was not more than 65%, derived from the coordination and team work carried out by HGZ 1, 2 and 3.

“The three hospitals work in a coordinated manner to meet the demands of the care they receive and therefore exchange supplies, staff, beds, technology and everything needed to care for all patients,” he said.

Of the 51 beds mentioned, 25 were assigned to 2 hospitals (hybrid) and the rest were assigned to HGZ No. 3 (transitional).

There is an isolated area for patients to be picked up, stabilized, and sent from one hospital to another.

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