Wednesday , December 8 2021

Football / National Team.- Luis Enrique: “I said I was optimistic and it wasn’t a pose”



National coach Luis Enrique Martínez appeared pleased with the game he played against Germany on Tuesday, and there is good evidence that his optimism towards his team was “not a pose” and that he wanted it to serve as a “boost”.

“The game makes me happy because the results don’t allow you to accept what you work on and look for in games. We haven’t reached the result before, maybe we weren’t accurate, but I said I was optimistic and it wasn’t a pose,” Luis Enrique said in a post-match press conference.

The Asturian believes that a good game can help “maybe excite people” and is a “great reinforcement for the players”. “But because they don’t have any doubts about the level, they know they have. Our goal is to get to the ‘Final Four’ and I think that should mean a lot to the players and I hope they want to come back in March,” he said.

“I hope this game has a boost. I’ve always conveyed what I liked and I think as a reinforcement it comes in handy,” he admitted.

He also made it clear that good performance should serve to keep players from “not being calm”, but clarified that none of them will have any advantage today, “they know they need to be fit and play despite the exceptions”. The best message for this “thirty” team is that they have to fly to their clubs to come here, I think that’s the fairest thing, ”the Gijon man said.

Luis Enrique felt “like the happiness and joy of all fans”. “It’s very important for us to see what it’s like to get back on the path to victory through good play, good play, and the strength that players entail,” he stressed.

“Inside we think we don’t deserve to lose a game at this stage. We’ve scored 13 goals and conceded three, there are numbers, from there everyone can draw their own conclusions, but I’m trusting what I’m seeing. In every game,” the coach added.

He didn’t want to personalize in any of the players and remembered the 26 who completed the call-up. “This is an idea. There have been players who have been at a very high level, but you need collective work to be able to put pressure on and reduce a team like Germany. We have managed to show no midfield and attacking players. It was clear and unchanged in 95 minutes, and that it’s another thing that makes me feel proud because we don’t speculate and we continue in our line whether it’s better or worse, ”he said.

“We know what country we’re in and we accept any situation. Now we’re not so good or so bad when they said there was a lack of goals. The most important thing is to focus on what one can control and not think you’re the first number when goals go well. When things go wrong,” the coach, and “remotely” believes he has been unfair to the team and even less so to the hobby he has always received “love and support”.

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