Monday , November 29 2021

Hospital bed occupancy is on the rise; As a result of COVID-19 there are already 98 thousand 861 dead


Director General of Health Promotion, Physician Ricardo Cortés Alcala, reported that he is still there increase du hospital occupation with patients with COVID-19, but stressed that despite this, the number of deaths due to this disease continues to fall.

In publishing the statistics for the last 48 hours, the official indicated a percentage of positivity coronavirus it is 42 percent in the country, up from 38 percent last week.

He has already said in a press conference at the National Palace one million 9 thousand 396 people 754 thousand 200 who have had the disease have been properly cured.

The official stressed that dead by COVID-19 98 thousand 861 people who lost their lives, even though there were 10 thousand 618 more deaths suspected of dying as a result of this disease.

Cortés Alcalá pointed out that 42,922 people are currently active in the epidemic, which is 3 percent less than the previous day.

He noted that Durango and Chihuahua remain in the red light, which is the maximum risk, but he believed the risk of infection in the population would decrease in the coming days.

He noted that there will be new outbreaks of coronavirus in the country, but he believes it will not be greater than what happened in the first phase if society and states and the federal government work together on prevention and healthy distance measures.

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