Wednesday , February 8 2023

Maribel Guardia shows off her sensual nephew; is as beautiful as: PHOTOS


That is beyond doubt Maribel guard It is a clear sample of the beautiful women who are born in the year Costa Rica, your country of origin.

The actor, singer Y conductor I thought in a photo known to his nephew of the same name, Maribel and he is also a native not tico.

It’s beautiful Maribel Garca, who came Mexico and following your advice your grandmother she has ventured into television and has shown the sensual beauty of women in that country.

Recently Maribel guard I was proud of her beauty niece in the family photo, with her son Julin and her partner Marco.

Although in different conversations Garca, he really said Maribel guard he is his aunt because his grandmother raised him with his father, indicating that he is the same people very close in his life.

Who is Maribel Garca?

Maribel Garca he is a football fan who learns communication in Mexico and that he has ventured into Mexican television and even into shows Today and in sports.

The young Y beautiful The driver states that his name is Maribel in honor of his aunt Maribel guard.

According to his account, he started working Thanks today Magda Rodrguez, he invited thanks to a recommendation Maribel guard.

Here are the best and most sensual PHOTOS of Maribel Garca posted on her Instagram:

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