Sunday , December 5 2021

Mhoni Vidente warns Eleazar “N” that Tefi Valenzuela was not for him


Image Mhoni Spectator it has almost become a reference for the future of the stars and questions of the political and common life of the people.

About the subject Eleazar “N”, the fortune teller announced, for the Mexican Hereraldo, that Stephanie Valenzuela they will apologize to the actor and end the marriage, leaving the conflict aside.

But still Mhoni He also made sure that before the incident he met the protagonists of the soap operas “Atrvete a soar” and “La mexicana y el gero” in Mrida, Yucatán, where he met his girlfriend. Tefi.

What did Mhoni Seer say to Eleazar?

According to Tv Notes, Mhoni I tried to warn him Eleazar The type of person who is the Peruvian model; He made sure he didn’t shake well.

“This girl is not as good as the others, it can be seen that she is advantageous, she wants to be a climber and abuse you; try to take it easy,” the magazine assured.

Despite receiving warnings, the actor ignored her because he was so in love. Tefi has a manly nature and is aggressive … Besides, I felt that he was a climber who wanted to be considered at any cost. Eleazar came in and so it was, he commented Mhoni.

Honor Seer does not justify Eleazar

The fortune teller of the show said that she doesn’t justify Eleazar, “because no one deserves to be beaten, in any situation, to be a man and a woman, but this girl is not a white dove.

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