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Pangea 2vs2: Dominic and Cacha defeated Aczino and Chuty in Mexico VIDEO Trade | lights

Pangea 2vs2 Since arriving this Saturday Pepsi Center WTC of Mexico City. manage and Dominic they set them chuty and Aczino at the final. Peruvian couple jaze and strike they fell at eight o'clock RC and Rapier.

After more than four hours of events, Pangea 2019 crown ended Dominic and manage About Aczino and chuty. The final response was measured against the Mexican nationals and the jury accepted the place.

► Pangea 2vs2: The battle between Aczino and Chuty. Nitro and Pepe Grillo | VIDEO

Pangea: Recover Full Event Transmission

Pangea: excellent final

► Dominik and Cacha vs. Aczino and Chuty / The winner of Dominic and Cacha

Pangea: third place

► Skone and Walls vs. Bnet and Blon / Skone and Walls were won

Pangea: semi-finals

► Dominik and Cacha vs. Walls and walls / Dominic and Cacha won

► Chuty and Aczino vs. Bnet and Blon / They won Chuty and Aczino

Pangea: in the quarter

► Dominik and Cacha vs. Zasko and Ricto / They won
Dominic and Cacha

► Lobo Estepario and Jony Beltrán Vs. Walls and walls / Skone and Walls were won

Yoiker and Skiper vs. Chuty and Aczino / Chuty vs. Aczino

► RC and Rapder vs. Bnet and Blon / They won Bnet and Blon

Pangea: Eighth finals

Zasko and Ricto vs. Trumoiak and Replika / Zasko and Ricto won

► Lancer and letter vs. Dominic and Cacha / Dominic and Cacha won

► Lobo Estepario and Jony Beltrán Vs. Theorem and Kaiser / Lobo Estepario and Jony Beltrán won

► Skone and Walls vs. Yartzi and Amil They won Skone and Walls

► Valleys-T and Philosopher vs. Yoiker and Skiper They won Yoiker and Skiper

► Nitro and Pepe Grillo vs. Chuty and Aczino / They won Chuty and Aczino

► RC and Rapder vs. Jaze and Strike / RC and Rapder were won

► Bnet and Blon vs. Indian and Noukier / They won Bnet and Blon


This Saturday (at 18:45 hours in Peru) LIVE ONLINE see Pangea 2vs2 Mexico City – Mexico) The Freestyle universe is impossible: Mexico City. Do not miss any events LIVE on Facebook and YouTube, From 18:45 p.m. (Peruvian time).

Major battles, exciting battles, epic battles, and then historical battles. Pangea 2vs2 the latter foresees. If you look at the poster, the name of the names that will take place next Saturday is to reduce breath.

Jaze was not a good air and he fell to Aczino at the Gallos battle in 2018 Video (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool)

Aczino vs. Jaze: the eighth final. (Video: YouTube)

To start, we have two of the best freestyler in the world: Aczino and chuty. These two heavyweights join forces to offer one of the biggest shows of the year. We are safe

A Hispanic-Mexican couple, to beat the pair, we will see another fifteen anthological combinations (national championships in each country + one MC is in full).

Skone and Walls
RC and Rapder
Lobo Estepario and Jony Beltrán
Yoiker and Skiper
Bnet and Blon
Theorem and Kaiser
Nitro and Pepe Grillo
Trumoiak and Replika
Jaze and Strike
Lancer and lyrics
Valles-T and philosopher
Yartzi and Amil
Indian and Noukier
Dominic and Cacha
Zasko and Ricto

At the stage, we present this freestyle party Bekaesh and missionaries, another historical couple.

Responsibility for evaluating MC performance will fall into a jury of a height: eude (Spain), Tess La (Mexico), Satul (Chile) Juan Ortelli (Argentina) and Serko Fu (Mexico).

Regarding platitudes, the MC puts the basis that will show us their talents DJ Sonicko (Mexico).

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