Saturday , January 28 2023

Paola Rojas enjoys her bachelor's degree and a great bath


After the communicator Paola Rojas confirms herself as a soloist and "I came back to the market", that seems After a break, it was difficult to leave because of a difficult situation video intimate "Zague".

Paola Rojas shared with her Instagram account which imagines happy and envy.

Recently, the communicator uploaded a video on his social network You see it practiced snorkel, with black bikini flowers and a starfish in her hands.

The video "Woke up in my hands" with the phrase and we played together for a while, very happy aboard. "

Immediately their own fans They told her how she looked good and a woman capability.

"Paola, an example of a very beautiful woman, intelligent woman and the threatened woman."

"You are a woman's beauty and you have a beautiful body."

It has more than 55,000 playlists.


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