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Queretar has registered the death of the first flu during this season


During the winter season, the first death of the flu was registered in Querétaro. It was a woman with diabetes and high blood pressure and there was no vaccine.

The Secretary of Health Julio César Ramírez Argüello has reported that the death occurred in the first week of November in the facilities of the Social Security Institute of Mexico and in nine cases registered this year.

As regards the vaccination application, it has already been available 450 miles, which is about 90 thousand.

The population is advised to go to vaccine tables, especially for minors, the elderly and chronic diseases.

The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) said Wednesday that 13.5 million vaccines will be applied against seasonal illness during the winter season, starting on 15 October and ending on March 31, 2019, with the support of the System's actions, the National Health Service against this Disease.

It is biologically available for medical units in the Social Security unit of 35 units of all 35 countries, for residents and users who are entitled to the IMSS-PROSPERA program.

IMSS urges citizens to go to the clinic to receive doses, especially in groups with a higher risk, such as between 6 and 59 children, over 60s, pregnant women, people with HIV. AIDS, diabetes mellitus, obesity painful, asthma, cancer or heart problems, as well as healthcare personnel.

The Social Security has prepared 40 thousand nurses throughout the country to carry out the vaccine application directly by carrying out the supervision of medical units.

In Mexico, the flu caused during the 2018 season caused four deaths. There are 100 cases that confirmed the virus. Most confirmed cases were registered in Quintanó Roo, Yucatán, Tamaulipas, Tabasco and Veracruz, which accounted for 64% of the cases confirmed.

In order to prevent this condition and to prevent illness this virus began in mid-October, in Jalisco, a vaccine against the flu vaccine began.

Jalisco reinforces the anti-flu campaign
Jalisco strengthens the vaccine against the flu vaccine. (ISSSTE Del. Jalisco)

Jalisco strengthens the vaccine against the flu vaccine. (ISSSTE Del. Jalisco)

Authorities have reported that there are less than two million vaccines in the state for vaccine against flu, which are free in healthcare units. The vaccine application will prioritize pregnant women, children and the elderly and people with chronic diseases, in relation to these population sectors. In the case of children, the vaccine has been applied since six months.

Oaxaca will apply more than 468 thousand Czechs to flu vaccines

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