Friday , September 24 2021

Samsung would launch four cameras with Galaxy S10 models to protect 6 cameras and 5G networks

The South Korean company Samsung could launch its future Galaxy 4 S10 smartphone, one of which would have 6 cameras and supports 5G networks. the tenth anniversary of its mobile phones, according to The Wall Street Journal, which will be held next year, referring to sources that are familiar with the topic.

The other three models may vary depending on the size 5.8 inches from 6.4 meters, and have three and five cameras in front and rear, depending on the case. In the same way, the company implies the inclusion of a function reverse wireless charging, Because the S10 model allows sharing compatible with other devices, such as another phone or headset.

Next fourth version of the Galaxy S10, which can be named & Beyond; & # 39; X beyondI would have it 6.7 inch screen and six full camera (two front and four rear), and 5G network would be enabled.

According to the media, Samsung could announce four phones in mid-February 2019. The three S10 models are expected to enter the market as soon as possible, and Beyond X & # 39; It would be possible to start the first spring of the year, when the operator accepts a 5G service.

However, the dates, design and features of the next designs may vary. In fact, according to the newspaper, the final decisions are still under consideration. He decided to refuse the Samsung spokesman.

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