Wednesday , July 6 2022

Telethon 2020: Who’s the Mask? He is the new WINNER of the special.


In What is a Mask?, the three characters met in a special program for the 2020 telethon program. While fans of the show help children who want to have fun a disability.

It was one of the most entertaining nights of the performances The monster, Banana and Grimace Lele, even though the favorite was the only competitor of the night due to his great talent on stage.

When part of the broadcast goes to the tracks, For the first time In the second season of the San Angel TV show, the entire team of researchers concluded that the doll is Karla de JNS, because most of the tracks indicate that she is a beautiful singer.

The question came true and the presenter of Pinky Promise was the first to be eliminated for the night, after which Banano had to remove his mask and make room for the winner of this special show. The monster.

The second knockout of the night was the actor Mauricio Garza, He achieved great fame because he participated in the popular 40-20 comedy series, with the former presenter of the 40-20 “Hoy” morning session.

So the new winner of the special show of the reality show Luis ngel “El Flaco“, A former voice of the group Los Recoditos, who has certainly shown his talent in the genre of the Mexican region and this time has shown that he is capable of performing much more danceable music.

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