Wednesday , February 8 2023

The deputy becomes a trend on Twitter with the misspelled “Querétaro” on the candidacy page


-Federal Deputy Morena, Beatriz Robles, became a trend on Twitter after sharing the page that made the candidacy for prime minister public Queretaro with the name of the misspelled entity.

The legislature, in fact, wrote in the document that it intended to compete for the post of governor for that state, “Queretero”.

However, there are other fingerprints on the page labeled with his party logo.

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Within the list of documentation to be submitted by the applicant, it reads that in addition to submitting the address certificate CURP, RFC, INE, he also had to submit “next” documentation: “birth certificate” and “auntonization”.

Beatriz Robles ’mistakes, like the printed pages of the party, have taken the lead in social media trends, with thousands of comments echoing these mistakes from users.

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