Monday , May 29 2023

The former governor of Tamaulipas was taken to El Altiplano prison



This morning, the former governor of Tamaulipas, Eugenio HernándezFrom Ciudad Victoria to El Altiplano prison, in the Mexican state, it is transferred through a transfer of strong security operations.

Luis Rodríguez, an American spokeswoman, confirmed in a television interview The transfer will start at 8:00 p.m. and the old governor met for safety reasons.

The Tamaulipas government spokesman emphasized the role of former governor United States authorities have also claimedIt is determined strictly by law and human rights.

It is worth mentioning on October 4th, The former governor was connected to the process to commit crimes illegal wealth and operations with bad origin resources 967 thousand amount of 794.28 million euros.

According to informational information, they took the former governor Pedro J. Méndez Airport, In Ciudad Victoria, where, apparently, in Toluca, in the Mexican state, it will be in prison High plateau

Former governor faces charges organized crime and money laundering, illegal wealth and illegal operations.


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