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There are five important points to understand Education Reform

This week, the Chamber of Deputies has approved Educational reform. So you can easily understand what it is, we'll leave these five things key points.

Educational reform and spot sales, Despered's study

The reform of the education sex boost Enrique Peña Nieto he stayed deletedWhen the deputies defended the president's initiative, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

reform du Articles 3, 31 and 73 of the ConstitutionIt establishes the obligation of the State to guarantee its initial education in higher education.

These are five significant changes For Education Reform:

1. Compulsory higher education

With this reform, higher education It will be understood as a didactic nature in the Constitution mandatory, as well as basic level and support.

The second part of the third article reads as follows:

The Federations, Federation Organizations and Town Councils will offer preschool, primary, secondary, secondary and secondary education. Preschool, Primary and Secondary Education consists of basic education; That is, the higher and higher average will be compulsory ".

It is set education It will be excellence and university autonomy.

2. The INEE and criminal education assessments are eliminated

Erase National Institute of Education (INEE), which became the bullying organization of the teaching profession, which creates a new organism National Continuous Education Improvement SystemIt will be responsible for conducting studies, studies and diagnostic evaluations.

delete it evaluation penalties. The assessment is never related to the sustainability of employment.

Nowadays, we propose evaluations of character formation, diagnosis, and totality. For introduction and promotion, knowledge, skills and teaching experiences are weighed. delete it standardized tests and teacher and teacher training and update are allowed.

Besides, normal education, acknowledging a fundamental role in teacher training.

3. Work rights

When the new law comes into effect, it is determined labor rights They will be directed by the education staff Constitutional article 123 section B.

The document states the following: acceptance, promotion and acceptance Regulatory Law of the Teacher's Career System.

4. Seating control …

Rejects the new Education Reform Teacher positions belong to the State and it will not be under the control of the teaching profession.

4. … and youth support

It will allow new laws Better for children and youngsters in the future.

The State will establish guidelines and measures to guarantee equal education. In elementary schools of vulnerable risk, certain types of food nature actions will be established. Likewise, students with disadvantaged social and economic conditions are allowed. "

5. New issues in sexual education

Mexican curriculum requires compulsory education Themes that promote valuesethics and civil society.

history, geography and culture They will be as important as mathematics. du sport, The arts and original languages They must be in the Mexican children's classes.

But education will not be the same as urban areas Identity will be respected and the political separation will be made through regions and in some places there will be bilingual courses.

About sex education I think it is necessary, it is essential that we do not neglect and transmit information to adolescents and, if necessary, transmit them to our children. In this sense, a formation, scientific, rational, in this case must not confuse issues related to faith or dogma. Science has to be added to knowledge. This is what my point of view and pedagogical experts need to solve, "said López Obrador.

Homosexuality and masturbation will be SEP textbooks

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