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“Today their mouths are shut”: Ignacio Ambriz has made a quick request for criticism against Rodolfo Cota


“Today their mouths shut”: Ignacio Ambriz’s quick statement to the press for his criticism of Rodolfo Cota (Photo: Especial / Cuartoscuro)

Rodolfo Cota, goalkeeper for the scarlet team Lion, lived a busy week full of complaints and frustrated conspiracy theories, involved in an alleged settlement case, to score a goal in the first leg Chivas.

During the match, Cota had poor drainage within the wide area ended with a penalty from the penalty spot and a goal from JJ Macías to level the score and went back to the match 1-1, taking the visitor’s goal very close.

People and the media warned through the messages gestures and eye movements that would indicate the angle at which the ball should be directed; the goal, they stated, would be fully planned, a situation that is already completely denied.

However, the team led by Ignacio Ambriz beat the Guadalajara representative 1-0 at the stadium New camp and became the first finalists in the Guard1anes 2020 tournament, awaiting an opponent between UNAM Pumas or Cruz Azul Machine.

The subject of quota was not left in the inkwell, for Nacho Ambriz has accused the press of misusing the information, and made sure that the false accusations affected the footballer, but also his family, children, wife or parents.

Rodolfo Cota (Photo: Twitter / @miseleccionmx)
Rodolfo Cota (Photo: Twitter / @miseleccionmx)

The veteran technical director of the Scarlet organization completed a reflection of the excellent work done by his goalkeeper in both games, in addition to ensuring that. his savings and professionalism silenced several mouths for the tournament final.

“I think you fought too hard, and I make you responsible for Cota. I think it’s not okay, all of a sudden you say this is a show. This is not a show for Cota’s children, Cota’s wife, Cota’s parents. That worries me a lot. A lot of people, I’m sure I’m not wrong, that the press was the mediator of the fans, they were also wrong in criticizing Cota. This is not valid, it is football and when it comes to playing football, I am the first to defend their players. Today, many Cota have shut their mouths to find out what Cota is like as a football professional.

For his part, the sports organization showed its adherence to the goalkeeper when criticism began to stifle his spirits. He was the first Jesús Martínez, President A representative of Guanajuato, who sent a message to the target through his social media.

“In life you have to lay hands on the people we love, we admire them, and they ALWAYS defend us (the capital letters are theirs), ”the director wrote on his official Twitter account.

In the first match of the semi-final, the goalkeeper's performance was called into question due to an error that led to the equalizer (photo: screenshot)
In the first match of the semi-final, the goalkeeper’s performance was called into question due to an error that resulted in a draw (photo: screenshot)

On the other hand, the team gave the goalkeeper a surprise in one of the weekly training sessions. One of the targets of the León stadium was placed with a blanket with the legend: “Here saves Rodolfo Cota, the best goalkeeper in the world”.

After making it to the finals, the team’s goalkeeper was enthusiastic and far from throwing his mind to the ground, in a tweet he assured that he would never stop dreaming:

Playing football is what I’ve been doing since I was a child, a dream I fulfill every day on the day I enter the field. Nothing has stopped me from dreaming and enjoying it, along with these colleagues who believe and trust me as a family. WE ARE IN THE FINAL


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