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Unemployed workers avoid the work of Matamoros maquiladoras

Even if Court and Arbitration Board Matamoros declared the strike of 13 maquiladoras workers, Tamaulipas, and it provided 24 hours for unmanufactured workers to return to their workforce, who were still outside of the workforce, preventing them from accessing work and preventing access to reliable employees.

"Those who are in the Union are in conflict," said a reliable employee.

The 21 maquiladoras rise in Matamoros

"We are waiting for you to move on to work," said other trusted staff.

"They did not let us pass. We do not stop. We're stopping," a unionized worker confirmed.

Outside of different companies, the workers indicated that they had to wait for statements by the leaders of the union Juan Villafuerte.

Villafuert also told me to wait, "said trade union staff.

"Our union leader has not told us anything about canceling the strike," said a unionized staff.

With this resistance, the three companies accepted the demands of their employees. One of the industrial facilities was to inform representatives of the Conciliation and Arbitration Committee.

"The company has agreed to a 20% salary increase, which will also be the only bonus for 32 thousand and 251 million euros," said the Bilbao Convention and Arbitration Board.

The 40 thousand jobs threatened by the maquiladora strike in Matamoros: IP

They were exhorted to remove strike folks and unlock access, but they refused. They argued for credibility and demanded the presence of Susanna Prieto's legal adviser.

The lawyer arrived half an hour later and a van spoke to hundreds of workers.

According to the collective contract, they were 100%. Juan Villafuerte From now on, 20% were struck in Matamoros when they announced me on my social network, "said Susana Prieto, a lawyer.

Unlocks the plant and removed the flags in red and black.

On the other hand, another company closed maquiladora in Matamoros It produces cosmetic packaging, including 40% of the masked candles in the United States.

"We will leave Matamoros, when we are adhering to the law, we are working on the law of the state of law, and we are working on a process, as we have warned, all the haunting events we could call anarchy: the strikes are illegal," said Carlos Rubio, director of Cepillos Matamoros main

The 30% planned for the next two years of the city has suspended an expansion, not seeing President President Andrés Manuel López Obrador intervening in the conflict.

Ministry of Labor Tamaulipas As reported on the 19th of March on Tuesday, the 18 strikes strikes 18 do not exist; 23 people reached an agreement with the employer and transferred to four other members of the Board of Directors.

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