Thursday , December 9 2021

Angèle (LMvsMonde5) separated from Greg, makes her nose again and shows the result


Angèle has just remade her nose and in this article we show you the video she just posted online.

Angèle and Milla Jasmine are at war on social media, she is hiding herself. Today we are going to talk about Angèle for something other than the many clashes she had with Marseille and the rest of the world. Angela seems to have gone through plastic surgery again … This time, the woman decided to do her nose again. For a moment, if Angèle thought of doing it with complete discretion, she eventually changed her mind. He prefers to be honest with internet users. And a little further up in this article, we’ll let you discover his Instagram story.

Angèle – Credit (s): Instagram angelesalentino

“As you can see, they operated on me. Yes, I said I would never touch my face. Yes, I lied. I changed my mind. Stupid people who don’t change their minds. I hesitated to say it, but I didn’t want to lie too much. Also, the nose that shows! “, explained Angèle on the social network. And for now, the result can’t be overstated, as it has just come out of the block. And before you find this latest transformation, find out that Nacca and Eloïse have been lynched by Internet users in Les Marseillais and after 5 conflicts around the world.

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