Wednesday , December 8 2021

Burkina Faso: “The Art of the War of the Sexes” – Burkinabe audience finds new film by Olivier Kissita


Olivier Kissita, a famous actor in the Cocoa Department, whose performance and charm have touched the hearts of some audiences, was the premiere of his short film in Burkina Faso.

“The Art of War of the Sexes” is a romantic comedy that evokes modern themes such as gender equality, love, marriage, or loyalty.

“It’s the story of a couple of friends who take turns taking their bodies out of the closet, all the files we don’t want to see, all the stories we don’t want to hear when we are there.

Gender equality, love, loyalty, social media, “are they all good at telling the truth?” We deal with questions like, as Olivier Kissita sums up in the film. both as an actor and director.

The least that can be said is that “The Arts of War of the Sexes” fascinated students and guests throughout its broadcast. The audience liked it a lot.

At the end of the performance, the director answered questions from students who wanted to know about his life as an actor and director, his professional career, the difficulties of the profession and so on.

Leaving the room, Jocelyn Kaboré, a 3rd year law student, was happy. “I liked his honesty and openness, the advice he gives. He is young and he and his experiences inspire us so that we too can chart our path, ”he admits.

The same excitement for Pierre Yabré, Economics 2nd year: “It is a good experience for the students here, because some of them are planning a career in filmmaking. This afternoon is a great initiative. “

Fouzia Sessouma, 1st year of Communication, believes that “this is one of the best evenings of my life because she is my favorite actress. I liked the initiative and am proud to have met it. I learned a lot about acting. Other evenings of this kind. “

Olivier Kissita was also pleased. “I’m very happy. I heard strong reactions at the screening of the film.

And in the ensuing exchanges, I heard some very interesting and very intelligent questions. The audience was very interested and, as a director, it’s really nice to realize that it’s a nice creation, ”he says.

The director was in Ouagadougou to promote his short film as part of his African tour. CANAL + is helping him on this tour, and he is not grateful.

To believe him, CANAL + is an organization that knows how to promote talent, and is interested in stories that other organizations have forgotten: “I am very happy because we are in a very fruitful and creative time today.

As for me, they’ve been following me for quite some time. They helped me on this tour of Africa and tonight’s performance. I thank them. ”

Aymé Makuta, Director General of CANAL + BURKINA, explained that this policy to support African cinema began in the early 2010s.

“Basically, trade is a policy of enriching the content of a continent where we have a strong presence,” he explained. From time to time we listen to our customers, we have a duty to satisfy them.

And one of the requirements was to have content that could be identified. African content has naturally gained ground, and today Africa’s 7th art is a goal and intent to grow, which is why we are making huge investments in that. ”

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