Thursday , December 9 2021

Chrome 87 changes the icon, finds vulnerabilities, and optimizes M1


Newer versions of Chrome follow one another and look the same, even though Google occasionally tries to bring in new features (which are necessary, of course) under the hood. Version 87 – the latest for 2020 – stands out: not only does it inaugurate a new icon in line with macOS Big Sur’s “white square with rounded corners” trend, but most of all, the search engine promises big improvements in performance.

After before.

Chrome now launches 25% faster than before, the browser loads pages 7% faster, and consumes fewer resources (battery and RAM) than before. As promised in August, the software favors active tabs over open ones: Chrome can therefore split its CPU usage by five and extend its autonomy by 1.25 hours (Google uses its own references, so it will be necessary to judge the part ).

Chrome 87 also includes a number of new features: a mini-search engine for accessing a tab (a feature currently only available on Chromebooks), as well as some options for direct access. the browser, which is its search bar. “You can enter commands like” edit passwords “And” delete history »Change passwords and clear history. It doesn’t seem (yet?) To work in Mac on French.

In the near future, Chrome will collect recently visited tabs on the same topic (such as cooking recipes, or decorating sites) as a card. This will make it easier to find similar websites.

Chrome 87 (version 87.0.4280.66 specifically) is optimized for M1. When downloading, the browser asks you to select the version that is suitable for the Mac: Intel processor or Apple processor.

On a MacBook M1.

Edit: in an earlier version of the news it was said that Chrome 87 was not a universal and wrong application. My apologies ?

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