Monday , May 29 2023

Didier Drogba hangs the cramp, and now what will he do?


FOOTBALL – Former international coach Didier Drogba has confirmed that he had finished his career at the age of 40, when he played the Phoenix T-shirt in the second part of the US in the last season …

In Le Mans, Sarthe, in 1998, in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2018, he spent twenty years. Twenty years ago, Didier Drogba announced a wealthy career coaching career from Wednesday to Thursday night, when he was 40 years old in the last season of the United States. Under Phoenix (2nd Division) colors.

Guingamp, Marseilles, Chelsea (he won only one team until the Champions League victory), Shanghai, Istanbul, Montreal … While he struck the striker, he left a mark. That is also true with his teammates, Côte d'Ivoire, the best victory (65 goals in 104 rounds), and brought three World Cup finals (2006, 2010, 2014) and two African League Nations Cup finals.

On top of football, we remembered the television discourse in the Civil War in October 2005, which led to direct reconciliation between the supporters of Laurent Gbagbo and Alassane Ouattara. As President of Liberia, as George Weah, has he started politics in his new life?

Nothing is so sure. Any politician who has "no relation" to anyone in charge of, has never wanted to be a "stand for everyone", a priori, in football. At least as a leader, he initially became a Phoenix club shareholder.

However, in the medium term, the area can be approached. "I want to become a trainer, he told me so recently that he had to send SMS, to be the successor to his aura and nowadays he must be understood as Zinedine Zidane." Mechanism of commerce "Guy Lacombe's former screenwriter in Guingampais in BBC's television channel in 2016 it was directed He was in charge of the training of technical director of the National Technical Director in 2016, where he was the creator of a Zinedine Zidane coach …

The matter, the time announced by young Chelsea or Antonio Conte's assistant, has not yet said anything about his future. If they have a few words, the end of the message posted on Twitter to end their career ends: "I hope that the next chapter in my life has begun, God has blessed me again. I did my whole career". Uncertainty: regardless of the fact, we will not forget it.

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