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Does Quebece throw too much on her children?

Fifty pediatricians and Québece doctors have reported abuse of drugs to treat symptoms associated with deficit disorder in children.

The consumption of psychomotor stimulants, for example, Ritalin is three times higher than in Canada in Quebec and is 40 times higher compared to Europe, says Saguenay, pediatrician, Charles Morin.

The doctors focus on the data of the National Institute of Health and Social Excellence for their consequences. The first table shows a percentage (%) of the number of youth in Quebec using ADHD medication.

0-5 years old0.
6-9 years old7.710.310.410.7
10-12 years old8.313.113.614.0
13-17 years old3.
18-25 years old0.

The second table (%) shows that Quebece uses ADHD medication much more than the rest of Canada.

6-9 years old10-12 years old13-17 years old18-25 years old
Canada Qc without1.715.084.32.48

Dr. Morin sends a letter to his colleagues to review the approach of the government to diagnose children in Québec:

"I can not test the child's blood test for the child and say, ADHD. It is a questionnaire that is diagnosed, that is, anywhere in Canada, our culture, our education and our perceptions, the question will be different. Personally, I often saw it in my career, the same quiz given to the teacher and the parents who give their answers altogether. The questionnaire issued by the father and mother with the same answers, so there is a great subjectivity, and the unstoppable or confusing perception of children can be different from one family to another. "

Doctors are making public outings to review government practices to reduce drug practices.

"He expects a drug to organize everything, but that's not a solution" – Pediatrician Charles Morin

Dr. Morin's pediatric doctors gave a medicine to a child not considered necessary. The health community must match the education community to improve youth's approach. According to him, he separates a confusing young person, and has another goring that lasts a period of turbulence, and is not so responsible.

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