Sunday , October 25 2020

OnePlus 7: announced release date, May 14!

A real phenomenon, OnePlus continues to excite the hearts of millions of fans.

Created in Schenzen (China) in 2013, it took more than a decade to be in more than 42 countries. The company's latest models, OnePlus 7, made many tears and joy.

By the hand of critics, people have welcomed it, as well as saying that the bar is too high for his heir, OnePlus 7.

As the Lord deserves, it will be revealed that the officials selected in a giant conference in London will discover the new treasure of OnePlus.

Advertisement with great fanfare

London. Big Ben Buckingham Palace. Coca-Cola London eye. And now, OnePlus 7 started the party.

On May 14, the electronics company will present its new models, that is, OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 pro, which could be the 5G its first device.

Honors fans

In addition to broadcasting directly through its social networks, OnePlus allows its fans to directly bring the event directly for a modest amount of € 18.

More adventurers can try their lucky star by participating in a competition, all expenses must be paid at the London OnePlus event.

It is more reasonable to use the security card and use the current OnePlus 6T promotion: € 499 instead of 589.

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