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Rebecca is afraid that stage 4 was cancer


Rebekah thought it was all right. Certainly, the woman who had celebrated the 30th anniversary has "a three-year-old leg," but it is not very serious. At least he thought.

As a matter of conscience, the Irish Dundalk neighbors decided to conduct blood tests in 2010. The problem is that after doing so, the appointment in July 2011 has not been successful and will be postponed until November 2012 a week before.

"At first I thought they were just allergies, but I continued and did not go, and in 2010, I was shown to have a large amount of white blood cells, which was constantly increasing."he tells the sun. "Nobody knew what it could be, I was probably young. I was 20 years old and I had no other symptoms"continues.

In the summer of 2012, the doctor did not end up with serious complaints when a ball in the neck appeared. "I thought I had to find the lymphoma I had to meet with the doctor".. He added: "I mentioned other my symptoms and I said I had an alcohol pain when I had an alcohol drink. It seemed to be a signal … When I felt the size of my ball he knew something was wrong and he sent me directly to a consultant for the biopsy.

These tests confirmed that Rebekas was a lymphoma of Hodgkin, a strange cancer that develops in the lymphatic system, phase 4 and lungs and bones. A few days later, chemotherapy lasted six months. "
I got out of the chemise. They were long days at the hospital and then I had an allergy reaction to one of these drugs. So I had to take antihistamines that took me to bed "
he says.


Today, six years later, Rebecca is happy to say that "Now I do not have more cancers".

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